Accounting Salaries on the Rise with Adrienne Gonzalez of Going Concern

Using ChatGPT to audit; accounting salaries on the rise; misclassification of expenses at heart of Trump indictment; church sued for forcing employees to tithe; here's what you can do to help the accountant shortage; a dating sim that does your taxes; half of U.S. workers earn money from a side gig; CEOs quietly backtracking on remote work; where all the SVB depositor money went

  • (00:00) - CAP 326
  • (00:23) - Preview: Where does hush money go on the GL?
  • (00:57) - Welcome Adrienne to the show
  • (03:14) - What impact will ChatGPT have on accounting?
  • (08:39) - Accountant salaries are rising
  • (11:17) - Blake checks in on the live stream chat
  • (14:06) - CFO Dive study with Open AI on productivity boost and some of tech concerns with AI in general
  • (17:54) - WSJ article on jobs most exposed to ChatGPT
  • (22:31) - Adrienne saved 150 hours automating a task for Going Concern
  • (25:35) - Intuit survey of accountants
  • (29:18) - The Trump indictment
  • (33:32) - Kirkland Chruch forced employees to donate 10% of salary to chruch
  • (36:24) - Back to AGI talk and will it take our jobs?
  • (47:24) - Going Concern article on dating sim game for taxes
  • (53:58) - Automating your job and having a side gig
  • (55:36) - CEO's are starting to backtrack on remote work
  • (59:22) - Follow up with Silicon Valley Bank
  • (01:03:08) - Relay is now the official banking partner of Profit First
  • (01:04:56) - Wrap up and where to reach everyone

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Show Notes
A dating sim that does your taxes:

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David Leary
David Leary
President and Founder, Sombrero Apps Company
Adrienne Gonzalez
Adrienne Gonzalez
Managing Editor @going_concern | accounting shit | disruptive before it was cool | comment section gatekeeper | 🚲 life | new twitter acct (obvs)
Accounting Salaries on the Rise with Adrienne Gonzalez of Going Concern
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