SC Comptroller Steps Down After $3.5 Billion Error (Guest: Terrell Turner)

This Week's Guest: Terrell Turner, CPA; 85% of MNCPA members working in public accounting support an alternative to 150 hours; The Silicon Valley Bank Balance Sheet Time Bomb "Sitting In Plain Sight"; Senator Warren complains to PCAOB about sham crypto "audits"; JPMorgan Chase’s nickel bags turn out to be full of stones; PwC introduces AI chatbot for 4,000 lawyers to speed up work; Xero kills WorkflowMax

  • (00:00) - Cloud Accounting Podcast Episode 325
  • (00:26) - Preview: Accountants aren't eating their own dog food
  • (01:10) - Introduction and welcome Terrell Turner to the show
  • (03:31) - What does Terrell's practice do and who do they serve?
  • (05:11) - South Carolina's comptroller resigns due to $3.5 billion error
  • (11:30) - Blake and David talked to Linda about alternative CPA pathway
  • (15:37) - Blog Post on NASBA website on CPA pipeline problem
  • (19:11) - Are salaries the bigger issue?
  • (21:24) - Clip from the Financial Executive podcast
  • (27:15) - A little bit about Sillicon Valley Bank
  • (43:07) - The issue with non-profits finding auditors and throwing accountants under the bus
  • (48:02) - Elizabeth Warren writes letter to PCAOB about scam crypto "audits"
  • (49:32) - JPMorgan Chase's nickel bags turn out to be full of stones
  • (51:33) - OpenAI is connecting ChatGPT to the internet
  • (01:02:11) - Xero kills WorkflowMax
  • (01:03:54) - PwC introduces AI chatbot for 4,000 lawyers to speed up work
  • (01:10:23) - Wrap up and where to reach Terrell, Blake, & David

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Show Notes
Texas Close to Allowing CPA Candidates to Test with 120 Credits
South Carolina's Top Accountant to Step Down After $3.5 Billion Error
MNCPA to Educators: "We Do Not Need New CPAs Who Have Additional College Credits; We Need More CPAs, Period."               
Banks and investors are reviving a push for changes to securities accounting after the SVB collapse
PwC introduces AI chatbot for 4,000 lawyers to speed up work
The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same: Addressing the CPA Pipeline Crisis | NASBA
QuickBooks leans into AI in 2023 | Accounting Today
SVB's balance-sheet time bomb was 'sitting in plain sight' 

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Creators and Guests

David Leary
David Leary
President and Founder, Sombrero Apps Company
Terrell Turner
Terrell Turner
After years of helping fortune 500 companies and PE backed firms grow, we decided to share all of our insights through multiple shows and our online university.
SC Comptroller Steps Down After $3.5 Billion Error (Guest: Terrell Turner)
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