Catching Up On AccounTech News

Majority of CAS practices support 3+ general ledgers; KPMG may have turned a blind eye to deforestation; Intuit to replace QuickBooks Desktop POS with Shopify; Startup accelerators from Intuit and AICPA


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  • (00:00) - Catching Up On AccounTech News
  • (00:47) - Introduction and why we are doing this extra episode
  • (01:42) - Voice authentication in the banking industry
  • (04:45) - ESG update from David
  • (14:02) - Deloitte's Australia becomes a victim of fraud
  • (16:45) - Armanino crypto team has now started a new firm
  • (17:49) - CAAS by the numbers
  • (28:07) - Why switching from QuickBooks to Xero or vice versa is so difficult
  • (32:05) - Accounting conferences entry fees excludes average CPA from going
  • (39:32) - Listener mail on pricing
  • (45:52) - QuickBooks POS system is partnering with Shopify
  • (49:43) - AICPA and new startup accelerator cohort
  • (53:23) - Intuit cohort of startups
  • (55:55) - Revolut struggles
  • (01:02:23) - How to contact Blake or David
Show Notes
Revolut auditor concerned over £477m in late accounts 
Intuit Announces 2023 Cohort of Toronto Startup Accelerator Program   
The Dishonest Accounting of Net-Zero Emissions               
AICPA and Announce 2023 Startup Accelerator Cohort 
Say Goodbye to QuickBooks Desktop Point-of-Sale           
AICPA & CIMA Sponsor Inaugural 'IFRS Sustainability Symposium'              
Professional accountants fall out of favour on ESG assurance       
ESG Reporting Now Common at Large Companies, But Report ... 
Voice Cloning: A Blessing or a Curse for the Voice Banking Industry?         
Revolut User Base Grows Alongside Auditor Warnings     
How auditing giant KPMG became a global sustainability leader while serving companies accused of forest destruction - ICIJ      
AICPA and announce new startup accelerator cohort for 2023 | Accounting Today          
Xero Announces New Chief Product Officer - CPA Practice Advisor             
IRS Processing Returns as Fast as It Gets Them - CPA Trendlines  
Tweet from Ryan Elblein re: cost of ENGAGE        
[CAP] Accounting / Finance as a percentage of Revenue 
CAS by the numbers | Accounting Today                

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Catching Up On AccounTech News
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