Bridging the Skills Gap for New Accounting Graduates

Guest: Dr. Josh McGowan, CPA from Troy University; Blake calculates the cost of the 150-hour rule; Minnesota says AICPA & NASBA are not the regulators; Accounting department budgets at risk


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  • (00:00) - Preview: The struggle is finding students who want to be an accounting major
  • (01:08) - Josh McGowan joins the show
  • (02:27) - Why should a student choose to be an accounting major
  • (09:35) - How is accounting enrollment trending at your University?
  • (12:25) - David asks Josh survey questions from a CPA Journal article
  • (23:39) - How do we fix the work/life balance image of bigger firms
  • (27:33) - Josh tell us your personal accounting journey
  • (37:27) - Blake shares some listener mail
  • (42:08) - Are students with accounting exposure in high school better prepared for college accounting classes?
  • (43:26) - Lets talk about the 150 hour rule with Josh
  • (58:20) - Is the branding of the accounting profession the bigger problem?
  • (01:09:08) - What if we change the 150 requirement and still have a pipeline issue?
  • (01:13:25) - Should accountants even need a bachelor's degree?
  • (01:22:40) - Wrap up and where to find Josh online
Show Notes
The Beef Between the AICPA and Minnesota Over the 150 Hour Rule Heats Up
An Update on the Future of Accounting Education             
The cost of the 150-hour rule: $2 billion 
Former Accounting Team of FTX US Auditor Armanino Sets Up Shop as The Network Firm
Entigrity Honored with 'Dream Companies to Work For' and 'Best ...         

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Creators and Guests

David Leary
David Leary
President and Founder, Sombrero Apps Company
Dr. Josh McGowan, CPA
Dr. Josh McGowan, CPA
I teach accounting to students, investors, and business owners. Feel free to ask me anything accounting! Go Trojans!
Bridging the Skills Gap for New Accounting Graduates
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