NASBA Says No Way To Lower 150-Hour Rule

Guest Randy Crabtree of The Unique CPA podcast; the UK has an accountant turnover crisis, too; should accountants unionize? Field service app Jobber raises $100 million and more!

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  • (00:00) - Thank you to our sponsor, SuiteFiles
  • (00:26) - Preview: Why Saas businesses look horrible on paper
  • (01:08) - Introduction and welcome Randy Crabtree to the show
  • (03:04) - Some background on Randy and his firm
  • (05:14) - NASBA votes on keeping the 150 hour requirement
  • (08:56) - Will CPAs and audits even be necessary in the future?
  • (11:48) - Did Randy have to get 150 hours?
  • (15:54) - Accounting as an AP class and how to reach more high school students
  • (21:59) - Thank you to our sponsor, SuiteFiles
  • (23:25) - Checking in on the live chat
  • (27:10) - Losing accountants isn't just a United States problem
  • (29:47) - The University of Arizona partners with Deloitte for an accounting scholarship program
  • (30:35) - Blakes plays a clip from Planet Money
  • (35:08) - Thank you to our sponsor, LiveFlow
  • (36:25) - Jobber raises $100 million and the SaaS business model
  • (42:03) - Client Hub launches a free recategorized plan
  • (43:35) - Google Calendar now fights calendar spam
  • (45:23) - Thank you to our sponsor, Anchor
  • (47:02) - CFO's vow to boost their tech influence in 2023
  • (47:48) - New Zealand company Hnry, raises $35 million in series B
  • (49:03) - Chat CPA website
  • (53:16) - Zapier blog post on best AI productivity tools
  • (56:27) - Randy has to run, and another check on the chat
  • (01:00:02) - Hinge Research put out a high growth study for 2023
  • (01:01:26) - Would accountants support a type of "union" for better working conditions?
  • (01:06:49) - A few listener emails
  • (01:11:58) - Wrap up and where to reach Blake and David
  • (01:13:36) - Client Hub
  • (01:14:12) - RightTool
  • (01:14:35) - Future Firm Accelerate
  • (01:15:22) - How to advertise in these classifieds

Show Notes
The best AI productivity tools in 2023 | Zapier     
The Accountant Shortage Isn't Bad Enough For NASBA to Entertain Dropping the 150 Hour Requirement - Going Concern
HF 1749 as introduced - 93rd Legislature (2023 - 2024)
ChatCPA - Chat with an A.I. trained by a CPA        
Client Hub Launches a Free Recategorize Plan - CPA Practice Advisor
NASBA upholds 150-hour education requirement for CPA licensure - Journal of Accountancy
CFOs Vow to Boost Tech Influence in 2023
LinkedIn poll: Should accountants unionize?
Self-employed bookkeeping platform Hnry books $35 million Series B
Jobber fixes on $100M as its platform for home services pros hits ...
Eller College scholarship aims to promote diversity in accounting
KPMG becomes first Big Four accounting firm to cut staff in US: Report
The Impact of AI on the Accounting Profession   
Accounting: uncovering the hidden gem of the math department
Third of accountants consider changing jobs        

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Creators and Guests

David Leary
David Leary
President and Founder, Sombrero Apps Company
Randy Crabtree, CPA
Randy Crabtree, CPA
Dad, Husband, CPA, Host of The Unique CPA Podcast, Speaker, Writer, Craft Beer Enthusiast, Stroke Survivor.
NASBA Says No Way To Lower 150-Hour Rule
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