How Intuit is Going to Save Accounting

Guest: Intuit Accountants leader Ted Callahan; The latest on QuickBooks Connect 2023; How to defend against ChatGPT stealing your job; Crypto lender Celsius used QuickBooks, too!

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  • (00:00) - Thank you to our sponsor, Relay
  • (00:26) - Intuit's "Prosperity Ladder"
  • (01:04) - Introduction: Welcome Ted Callahan to the show
  • (02:23) - Earmark launched "Crypto With Accountants"
  • (03:35) - What is Ted's job title and what does he do day to day at Intuit
  • (07:33) - What will Chat GPT and AI change in the accounting industry
  • (09:28) - Will some of Intuit's own internal technology be available for customers to use?
  • (12:08) - Thank you to our sponsor, Relay
  • (13:19) - The Intuit message has changed re: taxes
  • (18:44) - How do you respond to people who say Intuit is now an accountants competitor?
  • (22:53) - Are intuit accounting employees part time? Full time? Get benefits?
  • (26:45) - Thank you to our sponsor, LiveFlow
  • (28:02) - Expanding more on Intuit's accounting employees
  • (33:53) - What should a young owner of a small accounting firm focus on? Where is the opportunity?
  • (38:06) - Let's talk a little about pricing
  • (41:38) - Blake checks in on the live chat
  • (44:40) - Thank you to our sponsor, 3
  • (46:03) - Some thought on QuickBooks Connect 2022 and plans for QB Connect 2023
  • (50:17) - FTX and Celsius were on QuickBooks... should they have been?
  • (55:33) - ChatGPT article in Medium using accountants as examples
  • (01:04:25) - David reads a job posting and wrap up
  • (01:07:22) - Client Hub
  • (01:07:59) - RightTool
  • (01:08:21) - Federal Tax Updates Podcast
  • (01:09:35) - How to advertise in these classifieds

Show Notes

Celsius Was Using QuickBooks for Its Accounting—Just Like FTX – Decrypt

Celsius tosses scraps to victims, Alex Mashinsky thought himself infallible
Celsius Network: Final report from the examiner — lies, incompetence and Ponzi schemes
Intuit Supercharges Virtual Expert Platform with AI Enhancements to Streamline Expert-Assisted Tax Filing
Will ChatGPT replace you?           
AI is not a threat to the accounting profession: as written by an AI
Will ChatGPT replace you?. How to tell if you’re gonna lose your… | by Theo Seeds | Jan, 2023      
QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping Pricing - Quickbooks           
QuickBooks Connect FAQ

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Creators and Guests

David Leary
David Leary
President and Founder, Sombrero Apps Company
Ted Callahan
Ted Callahan
Dir of Accountant Strategy and Partnership at Intuit. Former: seed-stage VC founder, prof. svcs, non-profit leader. Wannabe guitarist.
How Intuit is Going to Save Accounting
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