Remote Work Accountants Are More Billable

Recession needed to increase accounting grads; Amber Setter on improving the CPA pipeline; 2023 tax season officially starts; tech layoffs hit accounting tech

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  • (00:00) - Thank you to our sponsor, Keeper
  • (00:20) - Preview : Accountants are prestressed for busy season
  • (00:56) - Blake is in Tucson; Welcome Amber to the show
  • (04:29) - Who is your ideal customer for coaching?
  • (06:42) - Remote workers save an average of 72 minutes per day
  • (14:49) - Thank you to our sponsor, Keeper
  • (16:22) - YouTube Live comment from Sam on working from home
  • (18:07) - WSJ says the job market for remote workers is shrinking — but the demand is still high
  • (19:37) - Will tech layoffs lead college students to accounting?
  • (22:17) - Is it realistic for someone in tech to transition into accounting?
  • (25:43) - Thank you to our sponsor, LiveFlow
  • (27:03) - George Santos was involved in an alleged $17 million Ponzi scheme in Florida
  • (29:46) - Moody's is working on a scoring system for stable coins
  • (31:09) - Wash sales represent up to 77% of trades on unregulated crypto exchanges
  • (32:56) - The IRS released guidance on crypto check mark on 1040s
  • (33:56) - Are accountants more optimistic for the 2023 tax season
  • (37:53) - Thank you to our sponsor, Anchor
  • (39:42) - The IRS has opened an online portal where businesses can file 1099s
  • (42:08) - A few QuickBooks updates
  • (43:45) - AccountingWED article summarizing all the accounting tech layoffs
  • (46:42) - ChatGPT updates
  • (48:41) - Rocket Lawyer has launched Rocket Tax
  • (53:15) - Listener mail from Greg on his firm actually looking for more clients
  • (58:39) - Message from Jared about Right Tool
  • (01:01:33) - Wrap up, where to reach Amber, and one new review
  • (01:04:17) - Client Hub
  • (01:04:54) - RightTool
  • (01:05:16) - Federal Tax Updates Podcast
  • (01:06:30) - How to advertise in these classifieds

Show Notes
New Xero data sees US small business sales slow as consumer spending tightens
KPMG Vice Chair Hopes All the Tech Layoffs Will Scare College Kids Into Accounting
TurboTax Tax Trends Report    
The Argument for Accounting   
Accounting Software Maker IRIS Sees 30% Growth
IRS clarifies crypto question on tax form
This forensic accounting startup in Seattle is helping lawyers solve ...      
Bookkeeper Job Description      
The Largest Accounting Firm in Kentucky Thinks a Tower Will Win the Talent War
Important Changes to QuickBooks Related 1099 Filing and Billing for 2023
Over 2 in 3 small business owners already feel burnt out in first week of 2023 Intuit QuickBooks research shows  
IRS opens 2023 tax filing season
Small businesses lament Sage's monthly subscription changes amid rising costs   
Rocket Lawyer Launches Tax Prep Tool for Small Business Owners
State Corporate Income Tax Rates and Brackets for 2023 
3.4m still need to file tax return 
Melio Launches Integration To Sync Payments Data with Xero   
Firms Hope to Win With Receipt Data Solutions but Implementation Issues Abound
Moody’s Developing Scoring System for Stablecoins Based on Attestations
The Decline of Voicemail         
Remote work saves 72 minutes a day     
TurboTax Tax Trends Report - The TurboTax Blog        
The CPA pipeline includes the present   
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Creators and Guests

David Leary
David Leary
President and Founder, Sombrero Apps Company
Amber Setter
Amber Setter
Chief Enlightenment Officer | Conscious Public Accountants - Amber Setter is the chief enlightenment officer for Conscious Public Accountants, whose mission is to guide accountants back to their wholeness. She is a national expert on building coaching cultures within the accounting profession. Her professional experience includes serving as an internal and external coach, facilitating and coaching within leadership development experiences, and building a nationally recognized learning and development function. She holds a Masters in Leadership Studies from the University of San Diego and a Bachelors in Business Administration, Accounting from San Jose State University. She is a graduate of Accomplishment Coaching — an ICF accredited Coaches Training Program — and also completed their Advanced Leadership Program as a Mentor Coach. She is an inactive CPA and an ICF Professional Certified Coach, and was recognized by CalCPA as a Woman to Watch in the Experienced Leader Category.
Remote Work Accountants Are More Billable
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