Make ChatGPT Fire Clients

An AI chatbot nearly passed an assurance exam in the UK; 'Office Space' movie inspires fraud; how to keep midcareer CPAs happy in your firm; Canadian accountant ordered to repay firm for 'time theft'; IRS audit rates declined further in 2022.
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  • (00:00) - Thank you to our sponsor, Keeper
  • (00:20) - Preview: Will AI replace accountants in audits
  • (01:04) - Introduction and quick recap of Blake's week in Park City
  • (03:43) - Earmark has launched a new Federal Tax Updates podcast
  • (07:15) - Source says Square is launching their own GL
  • (10:46) - Some final takeaways from skiing trip
  • (13:18) - Thank you to our sponsor, Keeper
  • (14:55) - Article about a high school student who wants to become an accountant
  • (17:56) - IRS audit rates declined further in 2022
  • (19:10) - The Tax Foundation made a graphic on the IRS backlog
  • (21:54) - Accountants need to narrow their scope in 2023
  • (23:13) - Canadian accounting firm sues employee for overbilling on timesheets
  • (28:46) - Thank you to our sponsor, Relay
  • (30:04) - "Office Space" inspired sofrware engineering scam
  • (32:40) - Are mid-career CPAs happy in your firm?
  • (36:25) - David's first reaction to Chat GPT
  • (41:28) - Thank you to our sponsor, First Republic Bank
  • (42:31) - Blake uses Chat GPT live to demonstrate what it can do
  • (47:33) - Chad Davis uses Chat GPT to write fake CAP episode intro
  • (49:46) - Somebody used Chat GPT to try to pass a chartered accountant exam in England
  • (54:45) - Paula's message and idea about a national CPA license
  • (58:38) - Tori's email on how a radical step is needed to change the AICPA
  • (59:53) - Deanna asks for best apps to import journal entries into QBO Advanced
  • (01:01:47) - Accounting firms might want to look into hiring some of these laid off tech employees
  • (01:02:26) - Checking in on the live chat discussion on ChatGPT
  • (01:04:09) - Wrap up and reminder to subscribe to our YouTube channel
  • (01:07:29) - Classifieds
  • (01:07:31) - Client Hub
  • (01:08:08) - RightTool
  • (01:08:30) - Federal Tax Updates Podcast
  • (01:09:44) - How to advertise in these classifieds

Show Notes
George Clooney to be Headline Speaker at ExpensiCon 2023 - CPA Practice Advisor
AI chatbot falls just short on accounting exam | AccountingWEB
IRS audit rates declined further in 2022 | Accounting Today
Are midcareer CPAs happy in your firm? | Accounting Today
2023 Tax Filing Season: Tax Season Delays & Complexity | Tax Foundation
Canadian accountant is ordered to repay employer for 'time theft' : NPR
'Office Space' Inspired Software Engineer's Scam, Prosecutors Say - CPA Practice Advisor
Facing Busy Season ’23: 99% of Accountants Suffer Burnout
Basecamp details 'obscene' $3.2 million bill that caused it to quit the cloud
Accountant must repay employer after software shows ‘time theft’
George Clooney to Headline Expensicon 2023      
U.S. accounting watchdog faces lawsuit over its 'secretive ...        
TaxBit Announces Acquisition of Digital Asset Accounting Startup ...
The IRS names the top tax crooks of 2022
5 ideas to watch out for in accounting in 2023
CryptoCFOs Launch App to Access Crypto Tax & Accounting Community
TurboTax, QuickBooks owner slammed after MailChimp data breach
What Small Business Owners Should Look For in a Bank
Former President of FTX US breaks silence, says SBF was insecure, volatile and spiteful, threatened to “destroy my professional reputation”         
Ally looks to tech industry layoffs for potential hires
Bean aims to change accounting industry's 'stodgy' reputation
Just How Common Is Corporate Fraud?
How CPA firms can get focused in the next 30 days
MDU Resources Teen of the Week: Glen Ullin volleyball player is set ...

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