David Got Fired By His Tax Preparer

Not enough new jobs allow for remote working; CPA firm revenue growth outpaces staff earnings; Ron Saharyan from Profit First Professionals joins us; David and Blake catch up on listener mail and much more!
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  • (00:00) - Thank you to our sponsor, Zoho
  • (00:27) - Preview: We need to make accountants aware of accounting career paths with real work life balance
  • (01:11) - Introduction and quick overview of Blake's week and FAA meltdown
  • (11:22) - What logic did the firm give David for letting him go?
  • (21:15) - Thank you to our sponsor, Zoho
  • (22:40) - Not enough firms are offering remote work
  • (25:38) - Accountants don't need help getting clients
  • (27:56) - Blake shares a story about his friend switching firms
  • (29:44) - Blake shares a chart from CPA Trendlines
  • (33:35) - What is the starting salary for a CPA at a medium to large firm?
  • (37:16) - Thank you to our sponsor, LiveFlow
  • (38:25) - Quick follow up on the story of a recent accounting graduate choosing the military over a Big 4 firm
  • (40:06) - What is Profit First? And what do you do?
  • (46:20) - Parkinson's Law
  • (49:53) - Thank you to our sponsor, Anchor
  • (52:39) - Jennifer's voicemail about her networking event for students
  • (56:19) - Going over some comments in our live chat
  • (01:02:47) - Linda's message about Illinois lowering the CPA hours requirement from 150 to 120 hours to sit for the exam
  • (01:06:26) - Bernard's feedback on the Ron Baker episode
  • (01:10:25) - David makes a new 2023 prediciton
  • (01:11:08) - Rusty's message about North Carolina's CPA license requirements
  • (01:13:54) - Wrap up and where to reach Blake and David
  • (01:15:14) - Classifieds
  • (01:15:16) - Client Hub
  • (01:15:53) - RightTool
  • (01:16:15) - Federal Tax Updates Podcast
  • (01:17:27) - How to advertise in these classifieds

More remote workers than work

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Creators and Guests

David Leary
David Leary
President and Founder, Sombrero Apps Company
Ron Saharyan
Ron Saharyan
I believe you should have a business that supports you…not the other way around.
David Got Fired By His Tax Preparer
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