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Jeremy Wells joins us to explain #PumpkinGate; Are CPAs who advise against Cost Segregation Lazy?; Wolters Kluwer goes straight to metaverse; The FedNow Payment Network is almost here
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Show Notes

14:30 – Matt Foreman on Twitter: "Say you don’t know how “ordinary and necessary” is defined by tax law without saying you don’t know how “ordinary and necessary” is defined by tax law.

29:46 – Matt Foreman on Twitter: "Tell me you’re taking incredibly aggressive tax positions that won’t withstand audit without saying you’re taking incredibly aggressive tax positions that won’t withstand audit. I’m looking at you @sweatystartup
49:12 – How the FedNow(SM) Service will work
Federal Reserve Gov. Waller speaking at Money 20/20 on FedNow. He tells industry to start investing in the build now to be ready to go in 6-8 months at launch, to help ensure full adoption. pic.twitter.com/iVuRmYfFDW— Nick Catino (@CatinoNick) October 25, 2022 
#Money2020USA attendees: Stop by our booth (3022) and the Federal Reserve's Suite at the conference to engage with #Fed representatives and learn more about our progress in #payments modernization! More info: https://t.co/2blzbYCrjP #FedNow #paymentsindustry #fintech pic.twitter.com/l3UHm4OTim— FRB Services (@FRBservices) October 25, 2022 
54:06 – Tyler Perry revealed he once fired his accounting team after learning the IRS owed him $9 million
Tyler Perry Fires Entire Accounting Team After Finding Out the IRS Owes Him N3.9b Due to Overpayment
56:37 – This Big 4 Accounting Firm Launches Metaverse Client Experience
58:15 – Wolters Kluwer plants its flag in the Metaverse | Accounting Today
1:00:27 – IRS to require speech recognition to reach Practitioner Priority Service | Accounting Today

Meet Jeremy Wells, PhD, CPA, EA

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David Leary
David Leary
President and Founder, Sombrero Apps Company
Jeremy Wells, PhD, CPA, EA
Jeremy Wells, PhD, CPA, EA
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