The 40-Hour Workweek

Survey finds that clients are more responsive than your own co-workers; why accounting firm partners need to be role models for their staff when it comes to work-life balance; three ways to be more productive; and apps raise money for accounting integrations
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Show Notes

2:40 – Alright #TaxTwitter, I'm calling it. After 961 painful days of March 2020, #Marchternity is over. (Except in FL/NC/SC/AK.) Though our profession will never be the same after all this shit, we're very likely done with enormous tax bills in Congress for at least a few years. 1/— Adam Markowitz (@adammarkowitzEA) October 18, 2022 
4:44 – Remote Work Drove Over 60% of US House-Price Surge, Fed Study Finds – Bloomberg
6:51 – Would You Take a Pay Cut in Exchange For a 40-Hour Workweek in a Beachside Locale? - Going Concern
14:02 – Art of Accounting: Importance of being or appearing calm | Accounting Today
19:55 – National Fire Some Clients Day – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Accounting Podcast
20:47 – 70% of Accountants Find Clients are Usually More Responsive than Coworkers
25:08 – Three ways to be more productive from an Amazon engineer
29:00 – All my self-employed accountants - how many hrs per day do you work (assume 5-day work week)?
33:05 – Fat Joe is Suing BDO - Going Concern
39:32 – Fan who caught Aaron Judge historic homer may catch big tax bill | Fox Business
45:47 – One month after entering the spend management space, Rippling goes after global payroll
47:59 – Bookkeep Advances Mission to Eliminate Manual Data Entry in the Accounting Industry with a $6.6 Million Investment Led by Fin Capital
51:10 – Microsoft Excel update will give power users plenty to dig their teeth into | TechRadar
53:43 – Shopify adds tax support to product | Accounting Today
56:17 – Outmin raises €1.5 million to scale accounting solution
1:00:51 – Xero Announces Price Changes for North America

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The 40-Hour Workweek
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