Student Loan Forgiveness Versus PPP Forgiveness

Why the White House is comparing PPP and student loan forgiveness; updates from Xerocon New Orleans; what public accounting can learn Disney's new pricing magic; former Atlanta BDO audit manager kills ex-boss
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Show Notes

1:58 – Xero announces new initiatives, partnerships at Xerocon user conference
Xero Small Business Insights expands to the United States and Canada, providing timely updates on state of small business 
Product wrap from Xerocon New Orleans 2022 | Xero Blog
Avalara partners with Xero to make automated sales tax solution | Accounting Today
That’s a wrap for Xerocon New Orleans 2022
21:31 – Biden to forgive $10K in student debt, double for Pell grant recipients | Accounting Today
Biden to cancel up to $10K in student loan debt for borrowers making under $125K : NPR
24:08 – White House shines light on Republicans who are criticizing student debt cancellation after getting their PPP loans forgiven
What the student debt forgiveness plan would mean for taxpayers and the U.S. economy | Accounting Today
34:12 – Secret Service returns $286 million in fraudulent pandemic loans to the Small Business Administration
36:22 – Cross River Bank’s PPP Lending Practices Raise Questions
37:11 – The IRS could be on the verge of changing the way Americans file their taxes | The Hill
40:53 – Ex-BDO IT Audit Manager Raissa Kengne Charged in Deadly Atlanta Shooting (UPDATE) - Going Concern
Former BDO audit manager shot and killed ex-boss | Accounting Today
r/Accounting - Ex-BDO Auditor Kills One, Injures Two in Atlanta
Ex-BDO IT Audit Manager Raissa Kengne Charged in Deadly Atlanta Shooting (UPDATE)
43:06 – Atlanta Shooting Suspect Gave Cybersecurity Talk About ‘Fraud in Accounting,’ Accused Victims of Committing Accounting Fraud on LinkedIn
46:12 – IRS will wipe away $1.2B in late fees from pandemic | Accounting Today
IRS relieves penalties for 2019 and 2020
47:23 – KPMG to relocate NYC HQ as it downsizes office space | Accounting Today
48:39 – Voicemail from Tyler Otto – Thank you!
(1) davidleary on Twitter: "YES, YOU NEED TO FIND A NEW #Accountant!!! Craziest shit I've seen about #QuickBooks Desktop I've seen in a decade!"
53:30 – ▪David Leary▪ on LinkedIn: #Accountant #QuickBooks | 95 comments
54:55 – Email from Jessica – Thank you!
55:18 – Disney’s New Pricing Magic: More Profit From Fewer Park Visitors – WSJ
1:02:13 – Fwd: This Just In: How to fix the leaky CPA pipeline - - Earmark Mail

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Student Loan Forgiveness Versus PPP Forgiveness
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