Trump CFO Pleads Guilty to Tax Fraud

Deloitte roasted on TikTok; Trump's CFO pleads guilty to tax fraud; Yellen sets priorities for IRS to spend $80 billion; Sage acquires Lockstep; Voyager customers plead for their money back; Microsoft Excel update enhances team communication; Tether changes accounting firms


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Show Notes

1:46 – πŸš€Big news from David Leary and Blake Oliver! πŸš€
2:14 – Dotcom Pioneer AccountingWEB Shuts Down - CPA Trendlines
3:43 – Sift to Close AccountingWEB US Division
5:58 – IRS issues immediate guidance for EV credits under Inflation Reduction Act
7:24 – Yellen sets six-month timeline for IRS plan to target tax cheats | Accounting Today
Yellen: These are the 4 priorities for the $80 billion in IRS funding
IRS Funding: Inflation Reduction Act IRS Tax Enforcement Provisions
11:21 – Inflation Reduction Act potentially doubles R&D tax credit | Accounting Today
15:00 – Prosecutors Struggle to Catch Up to a Tidal Wave of Pandemic Fraud
COVID Fraud Could Hit $163B, Experts Say
Bills extend statute of limitation for prosecuting PPP, EIDL fraud - Journal of Accountancy
18:06 – A Plethora of Pandemic PPP Fraud – Oh My Fraud
19:28 – Trump Organization, CFO tax-fraud trial to begin Oct. 24 | Accounting Today
Ex-finance chief of the Trump Organization Allen Weisselberg pleads guilty to tax crimes
23:32 – Tether said it switched the accounting firm that signs off on its attestation reports to BDO Italia
Bankrupt Crypto Brokerage Voyager Ordered to Cease False Promises About U.S. Banking Insurance – WSJ
Voyager customers beg New York judge for money back after bankruptcy
32:41 – Revenue from crypto scams down 65%, crypto hacks up 58% | Accounting Today
34:21 – IRS expands crypto question on draft version of 1040 | Accounting Today
36:51 – TikTok: Mid range-entry level pay bands for Deloitte
40:47 – Request Finance Introduces β€˜Salaries’ Feature to Automate Crypto Payroll
44:41 – Latest product news β€” August 2022 | Xero Blog
48:16 – Sage Launches Canadian Sage Payroll Version
Sage acquires accounting software provider Lockstep | Accounting Today
Sage to acquire Lockstep
Sage's Lockstep acquisition to accelerate its digital network
50:21 – Introducing: Trada by QuickBooks – Article
davidleary on Twitter: "See this yet? "Trada by @QuickBooks" What is @intuit's play here? They launch a B2B resellers/supplier e-commerce marketplace... and they don't even use Intuit Payments on it? Was this an existing Mailchimp product? so confusing... so many questions"
54:58 – AuditBoard touts new third party risk management solution for professionals | Accounting Today
56:21 – AuditClub Breaks the Mold with Auditors-as-a-Service for CPA Firms
59:17 – Microsoft Excel update solves one of your biggest workplace problems | TechRadar

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Trump CFO Pleads Guilty to Tax Fraud
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