Broken CPA Supply Chain

75% of CPAs are ready to retire but we aren't making nearly enough to replace them. Plus, how the Inflation Reduction Act could change the nature of the Financial Accounting Standards Board.
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Show Notes

03:41 – Firms big and small are facing a crisis. There's not enough accountants (CPAs) : The Indicator from Planet Money : NPR
The Indicator from Planet Money : NPR
The Indicator from Planet Money
06:03 – How to fix the leaky CPA pipeline
17:04 – U.S. job growth seen slowing in July; but far from recession levels | Reuters
Despite a drop in June, job openings remain well above the number of people unemployed but looking for work
22:05 – DealBook: A tax loophole’s powerful defender
DealBook: The new power brokers on taxes
25:02 – Two SEC Commissioners Frown on Accounting Rules for ESG Issues
Comment on the Financial Accounting Foundation Draft Strategic Plan
30:05 – Founder of My Big Coin Convicted of Fraud
Titanium Blockchain CEO Pleads Guilty in $21M Crypto Fraud Case
SEC insider trading case against Coinbase holds larger implications
Millions Drained in Solana Wallet Hack
Two settle with Securities and Exchange Commission over alleged $300 million cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme
31:44 – Web3 network Helium claims rideshare company Lime is one of its biggest clients. Lime says that's not true. | Mashable
35:58 – Hackers Force a $4B Question: Can DeFi Ever Be Safe?
37:59 – Georgia residents can claim an embryo as a dependent on tax returns
39:34 – Tesla’s Bitcoin dump leaves accounting mystery in its wake | Accounting Today
Tesla Records $170 Million Impairment Charge on Bitcoin – WSJ
40:50 – Ernst & Young Split Plan Held Up by Debt Issues – WSJ
44:54 – Revenues climb at Sage thanks to success of cloud products
Sage FY revenues seen at top end of guidance | Financial News
47:02 – Taxpayer advocate appeals IRS decision to delay scanning tech | Accounting Today
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56:39 – Voicemail from Kenji Kuramoto on August 5, 2022 – Thank you!
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Broken CPA Supply Chain
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