Orphan 1040s

IRS destroys 30 million paper information returns; crypto stablecoins collapse; KPMG uses Monday.com to build time-tracking app; Xero breaks 3 million subscribers; and more!
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Show Notes

2:57 – Tether (USDT) stablecoin drops below $1 peg
Bitcoin plunged to its lowest level since December 2020 as a cryptocurrency selloff gathered steam
10:46 – Crypto investors likely pay less than half the taxes they owe
12:05 – Web3 accounting firm officially launches on Tactic.com
22:59 – KPMG UK Somehow Won't Be Getting a Record Fine From the Financial Reporting Council For Carillion Mess
25:22 – Listener mail from Chris – Thank you!
35:22 – Logan Graf YouTube Video – How Much Money I made In 2021 As A First Year CPA Firm Owner
38:38 – Listener mail from Tyler – Thank you!
41:20 – Listener mail from Sarah – Thank you!
45:26 – IRS destroyed 30M paper information returns due to backlog
Report: IRS Destroyed 30 Million Paper Tax Documents
51:08 – Rippling raises $250M in series D funding
53:40 – Fueled by the remote work revolution, Deel more than doubles valuation to $12B with new raise – TechCrunch
55:08 – Deluxe Announces Collaboration with Codat to Embed Accounting Integrations Directly into Deluxe Payroll + HR Solutions Platform
57:18 - Avalara releases tax compliance automation tool for property managers
58:06 – Xero’s full year 2022 financial results
59:06 – Millions of Americans May Qualify for Free Broadband Internet Program

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Orphan 1040s
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