Spreadsheets Are Hot

A service to create fake bank statements, AICPA backs bill adding accounting STEM education, security breaches at MailChimp and Block, Fast pulls the plug, and more
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Show Notes

13:09 – Legislation introduced in Senate to recognize accounting as a STEM field in K-12 education
17:16 – Diverse accounting hires on the rise, AICPA report finds | Accounting Today
CPA firms show progress in diversity amid pipeline challenges - Journal of Accountancy
25:26 – Fake bank records are readily available as U.S. hunts for fraud | Accounting Today
33:12 – Walmart Stops $4M in Gift Cards From Reaching Scammers Targeting Older Victims
35:25 – Elon Musk delayed filing a form and made $156 million
41:07 – Block Confirms Cash App Breach by Former Employee 
42:34 – Mailchimp says an internal tool was used to breach hundreds of accounts
46:33 – After Raising, Burning Through $120M+, Fast Fades Fast in One-Click Battle
Fast, the checkout startup, shuts down: NPR
50:38 – Bolt to Purchase Crypto Startup Wyre for $1.5B
53:22 – Palantir alums raise $25M from Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund and other VCs for their finance startup, Mosaic | TechCrunch
Clockwork.ai Closes $2 MM Seed Funding to Automate Financial Planning and Analysis and Help Businesses 'Know Their Numbers'
Docyt raises $11.5M Series A for its AI-powered accounting automation service | TechCrunch
56:31 – Thryv Hosts Investor Day, Announces SaaS Revenue Target of $1 Billion in 2027
59:58 – Xero appoints Chris O’Neill as Chief Growth Officer | Xero US
1:02:09 – Spreadsheets Are Hot—and Cranking Out Complex Code

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Spreadsheets Are Hot
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