Big Accounting Firms Are Doomed

Why taxpayers choose your firm; Will IRS complaints be the latest TikTok trend? AICPA issues a press release about Ukraine; Visa and Mastercard pull out of Russia, and more.
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Show Notes

02:33 – David’s QBO Troll             
08:26 – Are the big firms falling apart? 
09:59 – The Big Firm Biz Model
13:03 – Is this model sustainable? 
14:29 – Why Blake moved to tech
17:06 – Remote work changed everything
18:21 – Can accounting jobs be more meaningful? 
20:27 – Accounting standards haven’t changed in 100 years 
22:52 – Companies and investors don't care about the financial numbers like they used to. The metrics are changing. 
26:39 – People want a meaningful job
28:45 – Lifestyle spending accounts - what are they?
31:45 – Schools aren't teaching accounting students about other opportunities
35:18 – ‘I spent 5 hours on the phone’: Woman exposes TurboTax for taking thousands of her tax return in viral TikTok
36:38 – TPG refund         
39:56 – DIY vs. tax pro: How taxpayers choose
41:53 – Working with tax organizers needs to be easier - bad customer experience
44:11 – Companies need to raise their prices and focus on customer experience instead of speed
46:29 – AICPA & CIMA stand with the people of Ukraine
49:11 – Ex-Big 4 Partner On Why the Big 4 Firms Should Pull Out of Russia: 'It's the Right Thing to Do and You Know It'
50:31 – Visa and Mastercard Suspend Russian Operations             
51:05 – Spoils of War? Ukraine Says No Taxes Due on Captured Russian Tanks
52:51 – KPMG set to drop some clients over Russian sanctions
53:05 – Grant Thornton Drops Its Russian Affiliate Over Conflict In Ukraine
Big 4 Firms Condemn Russia's Invasion of Ukraine, But Will They Sever Relationships With Any Russian Clients? (UPDATE)
54:09 – Voicemail from Jack Thiel – Talking startups, etc. in accounting
57:06 – Voicemail from Joe Cangelosi – Leaving accounting
01:02:05 – Jacob I. Oberlander, CPA on Twitter: "@BlakeTOliver We're not charging by the hour and not billing by the hour. But we're still tracking time.
01:04:01 - Technology has changed the way time is measurable for work success

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Big Accounting Firms Are Doomed
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