Why Mazars Dumped Trump

Why did Mazars decide to pick another hill to die on and leave Trump and his sometimes exaggerated millions and billions in the dust? We’re sifting through numerous reports to figure out what actually happened!
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Show Notes

04:55 – Another listener weighs in on the timesheet issue
08:42 – Logan L. George, CPA on LinkedIn: #ditchhourly #nomoretimesheets
12:05 – Years after calling Bitcoin ‘rat poison,’ Warren Buffett just invested $1 billion in a crypto-friendly bank
16:05 - Colorado’s Plans To Accept Tax Payments in Crypto Could Be Rocky for Investors - Blockworks https://blockworks.co/colorados-plans-to-accept-tax-payments-in-crypto-could-be-rocky-for-investors/
21:30 – 'Limited pipeline' biggest challenge in advancing DE&I, survey finds | Accounting Today
25:15 – Public accountants are deducting themselves from their jobs
25:40 – r/Accounting - News story featuring r/Accounting
26:38 – Forwarded from Will Hill (linkedin.com/in/wghill)             
Accountant Shortage, Resignations Fuel Financial Reporting Risks
32:00 – The decreasing value of accounting
33:40 – Digging into the Trump Dump - Trump's Long-Time Accounting Firm Cuts Ties Over Financial Statements
36:20 – Letter from Mazars on Donald Trump’s 2011-2020 financial statements - The Washington Post
41:50 – Trump’s accountants, Mazars, just quit. What took so long? | Accounting Today
44:21 – Why Mazars accounting firm ditched Trump - The Washington Post https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2022/02/15/why-trumps-accounting-firm-ditched-him/
49:30 – Does Any Blame Lie With Mazars USA In Trump Organization Financial Statement Mess?
50:46 – Why It’s No Surprise Trump’s Accounting Firm Is Saying His Financial Statements Are Unreliable https://www.forbes.com/sites/chasewithorn/2022/02/16/why-its-no-surprise-trumps-accounting-firm-is-saying-his-financial-statements-are-unreliable/
56:43 – Why Blake thinks compilations are garbage
59:50 – Trump Makes New Claims About His Wealth After Accountants Drop Him
SEC accounting and auditing enforcement plunged in 2021, but PCAOB enforcement increased https://www.accountingtoday.com/news/sec-accounting-and-auditing-enforcement-plunged-in-2021-but-pcaob-enforcement-increased 

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Why Mazars Dumped Trump
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