Timesheets Cause Accountants To Flee Profession

Timesheets seem to be paving the way for the exodus from the accounting industry, and we've got more stories of the less-than-happy side effects of using them! After we talk about how the (forced) use of timesheets can cause employees to throw caution, and ethics to the wind, we'll look at how one "fixer" left an employer that didn't want to fix their timeclock issues ...

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Show Notes
... We've also got updates on the IRS "facelift" that fell flat, some big raises, some app news, and much more! 

02:44 – IRS backs away from facial recognition
04:26 – IRS To Ditch Biometric Requirement for Online Access
06:33 – A Guide to Completing Your Organizer This Tax Season
11:00 –  Listener Mail – A Tale of Two Timesheet Stories 
14:20 – The first Rule of Timesheet Club ... 
17:42 – Listener Mail – Big 4 Timesheet Racket  
20:11 – Listener Mail - Letters from Outside Alcatraz
23:49 – Deloitte audit chief sees profession evolving amid pandemic | Accounting Today
27:35 – The Real Reason America Doesn’t Have Enough Truck Drivers
34:09 – Payroll Employee Quits on the Spot After Finding Potential Wage Theft, Exposes Company with Viral TikToks, Sparks Controversy
38:34 – The Timesheet Lies Coffee Table Book Needs You! 
39:59 – The Crypto Bowl is the beginning of a blockchain advertising bonanza
41:59 – Crypto paychecks have more appeal outside the U.S. | Accounting Today
44:53 – Accounting Standards Are Key to Getting Digital Assets on Corporate Balance Sheets
46:54 – Uber CEO: Crypto Payments Are Coming…Someday
47:37 – ­­KPMG Canada Latest Firm to Add Bitcoin, Ether to Balance Sheet – Blockworks
Accounting Giant KPMG Invests in Bitcoin and Ethereum
48:40 – More Listener Mail – Modern Treasury
50:21 – $66 million to give accounting firms the practice management solution they deserve | Karbon resources
Next Xero? Aussie accounting tech firm worth $402m after $93m raise
50:59 – GoCardless Valued at $2.1B After Series G
51:15 – Neat Inks Deal With Document Scanner Maker Raven
51:42 – Taxfyle raises $20M Series B round, plans to grow its team by 100+
53:08 – One More Listener Mail – Gaming the Accounting System

54:15 - Accounting Games - They're a Thing?

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Timesheets Cause Accountants To Flee Profession
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