TurboTax To Help Gamble Tax Refund On Crypto

Clearly, we ruffled some feathers with our talk about Tether. In today's episode, we'll hear lots of listener mail about timesheets, work-study, Blake's bad haircut, and why one listener thinks we don't know what we're talking about when it comes to stablecoins ...

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Show Notes

... We'll also get into some app news, conference updates, and talk more tax, as we wander through the land of IRS troubles.

02:10 – Listener Mail: On the Sovietness of Timesheeting 
06:34 – Listener Message: Squarely Tax – Cash App gets in the tax game
Taxes Help
07:16 – TurboTax and Coinbase Team Up to Help You Invest Your Refund in Cryptocurrency
TurboTax: Deposit your tax refund into your Coinbase account       
09:24 – New bill would change tax rules for cryptocurrency purchases
10:01 – Intuit CEO warns of tax bill shock for Bitcoin, NFT traders   
13:38 – Why Is Matt Damon Shilling for Crypto?       
15:59 – Listener Voicemail: Anti-Crypto Boo! 
18:58 – Blake responds ... 
23:38 – ACH Network up to 29.1B Payments Valued at $72.6T in 2021
24:06 - Crypto, NFTs are rife with ‘mountains’ of fraud, IRS says      
26:24 – Deluxe Reports 6% YoY Growth in Checks Segment
26:59 – Deluxe Corporation (DLX) CEO Barry McCarthy On Q4 2021 Results - Earnings Call Transcript
27:24 – More Listener Mail: Splitting Bad Haircuts
29:41 – When you log in to your IRS account this tax season you'll likely have to use ID.me to verify your identity. The service scoops up a huge pool of personal data that police and other authorities could tap into.
31:00 – GOP lawmakers move to stop IRS facial recognition technology
32:25 – IRS to add 1,200 employees as agency confronts delays, backlog   
33:10 – What’s the IRS Hiding?          
35:22 – Even More Listener Mail: The Prometric Remote-Testing Faux Pas
36:41 – You guessed it – Listener Message: Another Disgruntled CPA looking for Work-Study Credit
37:45 – Weeks after a ransomware attack, some workers still worry about paychecks
38:53 – Intuit warns of phishing emails threatening to delete accounts
41:15 – Important update - Xerocon date change - Xero Blog          
43:15 – Keri Gohman new CEO @ Abacus Next         
45:48 – Pennylane wants to overhaul the accounting tech stack in France  
48:39 – Lendio’s Sunrise Financial Platform Delivers Small Businesses Premier Tools Built To Save Time and Money

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TurboTax To Help Gamble Tax Refund On Crypto
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