Tax Organizers Suck

What sucks more than tax organizers? Nothing! Today, we're wading deep into the weeds to talk about the toils and troubles of working with tax organizers with Jason Staats, Principal at Brenner LLP, founder of the Realize community for accountants, and advisors, and host/creator of the YouTube channel, Jason_CPA ...
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Show Notes

... We're also covering assorted listener mail around our Tether talk from Episode 263, why it may be wise to avoid that Prometric remote testing, and how bosses can also be less than honest when it comes to timesheets. We've got app news, fintech news, and so much more. Enjoy! 

03:35 - You know that portal you are sending clients to...
07:39 – The logic of Typeform
12:56 – Saying goodbye to TurboTax 
16:44 - USDC audited     
18:13 - Tether's New Accounting Firm Is the Old One, With Baggage
19:16 – The Case of the Missing Billable Hours 
21:30 - Avoid Prometric Remote Tests! 
23:13 - NFL star's massive tax bill highlights problems with BTC salaries
26:15 - IRS kicks off challenging tax season
27:22 - IRS Child Tax Credit letters may have wrong information
29:05 - AICPA notes IRS announcement on notices, asks Service to do more - Journal of Accountancy
31:47 - Announcing Plaid Portal: An ongoing commitment to data privacy
Plaid Debuts Data Privacy Tool Plaid Portal
35:52 - The IRS is reportedly looking for alternatives amid privacy concerns
38:43 - PPP and IRS Disappointment
40:20 - Here’s where billions in PPP cash meant for workers actually ended up going
46:35 - Apple (AAPL) to Let iPhones Accept Credit Cards in Threat to Square – Bloomberg
Apple Makes New Moves to Turn iPhones into Payment Terminals
48:59 - Expensify Releases First-Ever Corporate Card for CPAs and Accounting Firms
55:29 - Walmart’s FinTech Hazel Acquires Even and One to Build Finance Super App
Walmart-Backed Fintech Startup Is Acquiring Two Firms and a New Name
55:54 - QuickBooks Launches 2 New SMB Tools
57:09 - Play Wordle in Google Sheets | Zapier     

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Tax Organizers Suck
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