Busy Season is No Joke

Feeling a little punny? We've got you covered with a whole host of news, thoughts, and a brief look at 50 somewhat humorous accounting puns! In this episode, we're talking about the confessions of on ex-partner, who shares why implementing technology is so scary to partners. We'll also look at what KPMG is doing to entice new recruits, and tackle the touchy subject of no-life-balance during tax season, and how to deal with the Great Resignation. We've got updates on the Kronos ransomware attack, Theranos, and how its auditing firms failed to audit, and why California is nearing two decades of feet dragging at a cost of a cool billion dollars. All this, and much more, right now!


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Show Notes

01:47 – Another reconciliation issue for David 
03:56 – Shortbread | Encyclopedia.com         
06:03 – Accounting firms face the Great Resignation | Accounting Today
06:37 ­– Tips for recruiting and retention in a 'Great Resignation' world | Accounting Today
10:18 – You guys weren’t joking about busy season. : Accounting
16:48 – 50 Accounting Puns for CPAs, Accountants, and Anyone Who Needs a Laugh During Tax Season
19:29 – Elizabeth Holmes and her Big 4 audit firm buddies at Theranos
Timing of auditor firings raises questions | Accounting Today
27:15 – California’s $1 billion accounting program delayed again, could affect state’s credit
30:01 – Bank accidentally deposits $176 million into people's accounts on Christmas Day
31:03 – Kronos outage latest: Attackers crippled backup access
Kronos outage latest: back-ups hit; Log4j not involved.        
34:32 – Confessions of an ex-partner | Accounting Today
38:34 – QuickBooks to air first Super Bowl spot for its own brand
40:04 – PayPal Explores Launch of Own Stablecoin in Crypto Push
43:23 – LinkedIn is taking on Zoom and Microsoft Teams with a new audio and video events platform
45:08 – Ready for Tech Transformation?
48:08 – Ted on Tech: Time for a home office update? | Accounting Today
54:26 – The 2021 Controller Awards: Call for Applicants    
55:56 – Controller and Corporate Accounting/Finance Statistics
57:59 – Accounting Firms Scoop Up Virtual Land in the Metaverse
61:25 – Tax pros should prepare for ‘grueling’ year: NATP | Accounting Today

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Busy Season is No Joke
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