Job at Prison Better Than Job at Big Firm

Happy New Year! In the last recorded episode of 2021, we've got app updates from QuickBooks Online, and Intuit ProConnect Tax, numbers from Expensify, raises by LiveFlow, and much more. We'll touch on PPP fraud from the Valley of the Sun, and talk about how virtual reality may become an integral part of your firm's inner workings. We'll also examine why working in a prison might be preferable to a job in accounting, and discuss why it's so important to connect with the younger generation of soon-to-be accountants. As if that weren't enough, we've got all the upcoming trends, and predictions in the accounting world for '22, and look back at some of our past wins and losses over the years. Grab a free (virtual) snack, a tasty beverage, and join us!

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Show Notes

02:05 - QuickBooks Saves David’s Day 

05:12 - 9 Valley people indicted in PPP fraud scheme totaling more than $23 million 
06:09 - How a Relief Fund for Restaurants Picked Winners and Losers 
07: 51 - All West Virginia state employees will get paid Friday, even after Kronos ransomware attack 
12:35 - Nancy Bagranoff, CPA, DBA 
14:55 - Why I quit an accountancy career to be a prison officer 
17:14 - Audit profession unattractive to new recruits, says PwC boss | Financial Times 
20:16 - Big Four Accounting Firm Enters the Metaverse With Purchase of Virtual Land in The Sandbox (SAND) 
22:09 - A DoorDash employee making $400K a year complained about a company-wide initiative requiring that he personally make one delivery a month 
25:34 - Elon Musk says his wealth not a 'deep mystery,' my taxes are super simple  
29:19 - Can the IRS be trusted with your data? | Accounting Today  
33:56 - What's new in QuickBooks Online: December 2021 – QuickBooks 
38:02 - What’s new in Intuit® ProConnect™ Tax 2022 
40:26 - IRIS Software Group Acquires AccountantsWorld to Help North American CPAs and Accountants Expand Their Client Accounting Services and Improve Practice Management Efficiencies With Cloud-Based Payroll 
41:34 - LiveFlow raises $3.5M in seed funding for fintech | Accounting Today 
43:58 - Expensify reports 72% revenue jump in Q3 | Accounting Today 
48:26 - VCs say Web3, party rounds, and New York's resurgence are among the tech trends to watch in 2022 
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Job at Prison Better Than Job at Big Firm
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