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Happy Almost New Year! As 2021 comes to a close, we've got a lot to talk about today, including an in-depth look at Blake's newly released app, Earmark CPE! We've got the latest updates on the Trump fraud investigation, and what's going on in the world of COVID relief-fund fraud. We're also spending some time answering four great listener emails on CPA exam stats, that pesky 150-hour requirement, QuickBooks Desktop, and client relationships. In app news, we're covering acquisitions by Sage, and Xero, and a Series B raise by Ekos, a craft-brewery-focused software! Grab your party hat, a glass of bubbly, and join us!
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Show Notes

01:38 - Elon Musk says he will pay over $11 billion in taxes this year
03:49 - Earmark (the Apple version) Lives! 
05:18 - Just how does Earmark CPE work?   

10:22 - CPA Exam Stats  

14:52 - 150 hours required for non-CPA partner in CPA firm

17:54 - In re QuickBooks Desktop

25:07 - Relationships with clients - Greg Bayramian

29:22 - Blake’s take on handling client communications     

35:25 - Trump Fraud Inquiry’s Focus: Did He Mislead His Own Accountants? - The New York Times              
40:37 - Thieves Nab $100M in Pandemic Relief Funds - CFO           
Criminals have stolen nearly $100 billion in Covid relief funds, Secret Service says
White House downplays Secret Service estimate of COVID fraud
45:24 - Comparing pandemic shrink to retail shrink
46:16 - IRS seized $3.5 billion in cryptocurrency this past year, agency says            
48:12 - Sage to acquire cloud-based retail management system | Accounting Today          
Sage to acquire Brightpearl
Sage snaps up retail management company Brightpearl for £225 million
49:55 - Xero to acquire Canadian tax software provider, TaxCycle | Xero Blog        
Xero (ASX:XRO) snaps up TaxCycle on $75.7m spree
Xero to acquire Canadian tax software provider, TaxCycle
52:48 - Tax Change Hits Payment Apps - CPA Trendlines  
55:42 - Ekos raises $21 million Series B to digitally connect the craft supply chain

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Earn CPE Credits Listening To Podcasts
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