4,000-Year-Old Case of Tax Avoidance

On today's episode, we're checking out how Excel influencers are taking TikTok by storm, and raking in major bucks for their trouble. Then, we'll shoot 4,000 years backwards, and examine one of the first written descriptions of tax evasion, or avoidance. Also, NASBA is going silent on CPA exam performance, but we've got tips from Liz Kolar on how to keep prepping students for the Evolution. We'll look a case of warehouse work paying more than entry-level accounting work, and talk about Grant Thornton's ploy to bring in people with bigger, better perks! We've got news from the Thomson Reuters Synergy Conference, and why they're delaying release of a new product. Just in time for regular tax season, Claudell is back! We'll see what she's been up to, and get the details on the TurboTax Live Full Service offering. In app news, we've got Xero updates, word from Microsoft Teams, Apple, and much more!

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Show Notes

01:50 – NASBA stops giving universities info on CPA Exam performance | Accounting Today
02:57 – How to Prepare Students Now for the CPA Evolution
05:57 – I finished my accounting degree, but the entry level pay is too low.
07:58 – Grant Thornton adds benefits to entice and retain employees
12:50 – A 4,000-year-old tale of trade and contraband I Curator's Corner – YouTube
15:38 – TikToks on how to use Excel spreadsheets are getting billions of views and building one of the best communities on the platform
19:29 – Disgruntled HR executive trashed personnel files and deleted 17,000 resumes after being fired — now faces up to 15 years in prison – MarketWatch
21:45 – New Data Finally Shows Why People Are Quitting Their Jobs. It's Definitely Not Because They're Lazy
25:03 – Thomson Reuters makes plans for new products | Accounting Today
29:14 –Square Inc. is Now Block; Brand to Remain
29:24 – SCOTT GALLOWAY: Jack Dorsey has finally stepped down — and a new era of 'superapps' is dawning
31:26 – Intuit updates tax prep tools | Accounting Today
32:46 – Let a Tax Expert Do Your Taxes for You With TurboTax Live Full Service!
35:25 – NoCode Development
37:50 – H&R Block Selects Xero as Cloud Accounting Solution Provider for Assisted Bookkeeping
39:00 – Latest product news – December 2021 | Xero Blog
43:08 – Microsoft Teams Essentials is a new standalone version for small businesses
44:03 – Apple Introduces Business Essentials
45:20 – Apple introduces device management solution aimed at small business

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4,000-Year-Old Case of Tax Avoidance
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