Feed The Pig

Happy After Thanksgiving! Today, we've got a ton of listener feedback, including the question of our anti-desktopness, how one very creepy pig (man in a pig costume) may have traumatized the younger generations enough to avoid becoming CPAs, and a college professor's view of real-world experience v. theoretical learning. Of course, we have more news on the IRS, and their hunt for the perfect app (developer), and how more people are sending more letters to the IRS to discuss what they should do better! There's PPP fraud news, with an eye or two on Blueacorn, and Womply, a lesson on fraudulent marketing from AmEx. On a bubblier note, we've got some job listings, if you're keen on spirits of the wine, and beer varietals! In app news, we've got funding raises from simPRO, and Payhawk, and updates on Sage's latest release, Sage for Accountants. We'll also talk about AI, and audit, and give you some ideas about building stronger relationships in the Zoom Era! All this, and more! Grab some leftovers, and join us!

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Show Notes

0:07 – Happy After Thanksgiving! We have so much to be thankful for! 
1:21 – Listener Mail – Are we really “anti-Desktop”? Thank you for your feedback, Peg!
1:48 – Defending Anti-Desktopness
5:35 – Is the Customer Really Always Right? 
6:31 – Listener Mail – How the Feed the Pig campaign keeps the younger generation from becoming CPAs. Thanks, Eric! 
7:27 – Tips for Promoting the Feed the Pig Savings Message
8:37 – The Subreddit – r/Accounting
9:44 – More on Theoretical v. Practical Training
13:15 – Listener Mail – A Professor's Take on Real-World Experience. Thank you, Jennifer! 
13:49 – Tweet from Jennifer Johnson, CPA
15:20 – Why Not Work AT School? 
17:51 – Director of Finance - Amulet Estate Winery
18:38 – Assistant Controller - ODELL BREWING COMPANY
21:05 – Accountants press IRS for faster refunds and responses | Accounting Today
24:06 – AmEx Pitched Business Customers a Tax Break That Doesn’t Add Up
29:32 – AmEx Fires Workers Over Payments Sales Pitches – CFO
30:19 – IRS plans to award $2.6B app development contract in Q1 of fiscal 2023
31:53 – Congress widens PPP fraud probe to more online financial companies
PPP companies Blueacorn, Womply added to congressional probe
34:44 – B2B Spend Management Startup Payhawk Closes $112M Series B
35:06 – Australian software firm simPRO raises $350 mln in new funding | Reuters
36:11 – Story within the Story – simPRO Acquired ClockShark! 
37:25 – 6 lessons from audit experts who adopted AI early
39:07 – Sage launches new platform to help launch and power up Accountants
40:18 – How to Build Stronger Relationships With Colleagues in the Zoom Era
44:30 – David’s Big, Poofy, Sad Problem 😊

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Feed The Pig
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