What Accountants Can Learn from Apple's $19 Polishing Cloth

We’re back from Scaling New Heights 2021 with lots of reviews, and interested tidbits for your ears, including how you can win your very own Tesla! Also, in today’s episode, we’re looking at Rippling’s $6.5 billion valuation, and Woodard’s new partnership with Wolters Kluwer. We’ve got news from Gusto, Audit Sight, and Xero, as well. We’ll also explore the FBI raid on Chinese POS PAX Technology, the nerve of Apple to market a $19 cloth, and maybe giggle a little bit when we discuss why anyone would defraud the PPP program for one single Pokémon card! In other news, we’ve got lists, surveys and reports on accountant app favorites, Office 365, and the decline of CPAs. We’ve also got news on Blake’s latest adventures, and some excellent listener mail! Grab a snack or five, and join us!
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Show Notes

1:25 – We’re back from Scaling New Heights! Teslas, double-decker booths, and vaccination tales, oh my! 
8:25 – Wanna win a Tesla? Go here: 
ExpensifyApproved! Accountants Can Win a Free Tesla from Expensify!
10:15 – Scaling New Heights 2022: Thrive 
11:13 – Parker Conrad’s Rippling is now valued at $6.5 billion — more than Zenefits at its peak
16:25 – Woodard Announces Partnership with Wolters Kluwer
18:20 – Gusto acquires Remote Team
19:40 – FBI Raids Chinese Point-of-Sale Giant PAX Technology
22:46 – What’s new in QuickBooks Online: October 2021
25:55 – Audit Sight takes on new capital to eliminate all of the back and forth between auditors, companies
27:54 – Xero serves US CrossFit community as preferred accounting platform
29:57 – Accountants’ favorite apps: 2021 edition
36:10 – Blake is Relay's new Accounting Community Advocate    
38:59 – SURVEY: Office 365 Dominates Accounting Offices
43:50 – ProPublica is hiring an accountant
46:31 – CEO Video Series: Putting Destination CPA Back on Accounting Students’ Radar 
51:31 – A CPA Pipeline Report: Decoding the Decline
53:14 – Apple’s Most Back-Ordered New Product Is Not What You Expect
57:03 — Listener Mail – Thanks, Ryan Pearcy! Check out his podcast, Digi-Tools in Accrual World! 
58:49 – Man spent $57,789 in coronavirus relief aid on a Pokémon card, feds say

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What Accountants Can Learn from Apple's $19 Polishing Cloth
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