The One With Elizabeth Warren, Britney Spears, And Florida Man

Before David departs for sunny Cancun, we've got a lot to talk about! We've got some listener feedback on the difficulty getting the CPA (and whether it was worth it). We'll also talk about what CPA firms lay out as the top issues in 2021 and beyond. As per usual, IRS service levels continue to plummet, and we'll look at Florida Man's tax practitioner's terrible tax fraud scheme. In app news, Sage buys GoProposal, Xero's got updates, and FreshBooks buys FastBill. Google Drive is getting labels, Chargebee buys RevLock, and a new app, Pipe, lets you trade recurring revenue for cash. Meanwhile, Coinbase customers got hacked, and we've got more updates from Sage Intacct. We'll round out this pre-vacation episode with news about Elizabeth Warren's crusade against the Big 4 revolving door practices, and talk about whether a 1099 for bank accounts is in the works. Then, just for fun, #FreeBritney's got a new conservator - a CPA! Pull up a beach, grab a snack, or an umbrella-garnished beverage of your choice, and enjoy!

Show Notes

1:27 – David is leaving the building ... On vacation!  
1:52 – CAP Voicemail – Thank you, Jonathan Weiss! 
Is it too hard to become a CPA? Practitioners speak out
5:50 – CPA firms lay out top issues in 2021 and beyond
9:42 – Service levels hit new lows at swamped IRS
11:28 – IRS didn’t spot $20.6M in bogus nonresident tax refunds
12:04 – Florida man filed 745 tax returns in 4 years, collecting $235K in bogus refunds — ‘I found a flaw in your system, and I took advantage of it’
15:58 – Sage buys proposal software vendor GoProposal
Sage buys U.K. proposal management software maker
19:32 – Latest product news – October 2021 | Xero Blog
23:05 – FreshBooks Acquires FastBill to Boost Growth in Canada
24:24 – Google Drive Is Getting Labels for Your Files
25:20 – Chargebee acquires RevLock
26:17 – Pipe launches trading platform for recurring revenue
30:05 – Hackers exploit MFA flaw to steal from 6,000 Coinbase customers
32:59 – Sage Intacct 2021 Release 3: What’s New?
39:03 – Elizabeth Warren Shocked to Learn Big Public Accounting Firms Do Shady Sh*t
40:58 – The tax agency would like to look at your financial transactions above $600. What could go wrong?
41:55 – Democrats eye narrowing Biden plan on bank reporting to IRS
Banks enlist customers to kill Biden’s account data reporting plan
45:06 – Adios, David – Enjoy Cancun! 
46:23 – Who Is John Zabel? Britney Spears' New Conservator Takes Over From Jamie Spears

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