Excel And QuickBooks Hook Up

Welcome! Today, we're talking about one good reason to get your CPA, along with a host of news from the accounting world, including PwC's new mandate that allows staff to work remotely forever (with a catch), how work-life balance improves audits, but not job satisfaction, and why going back to the office isn't so great when teams are hybrid. FYI - if you feel the need to throw our names in the hat, nominations are open for the Accounting Today 100 Most Influential! In app news, Intuit hosts its 2021 Investor Day, while quietly acquiring DataDear to connect QBO Advanced with Excel. We've got some excellent listener feedback on Quicken v. QuickBooks, Avalara's acquisition of Track1099, Xero's day-long outage, along with more updates from QuickBooks Online. We'll talk about Sage's announcement about 800 job cuts, and how Lightspeed stock recently plummeted due to a short seller lawsuit (and 125-page article). Enjoy!

Show Notes
5:29 – Blake talks about his visit to the Institute of Management Accountants in Texas, his interview with IMA President Jeff Thomson, and gives more detail on the upcoming Earmark CPA!
8:25 – State auditor steps down after failing accounting exams
13:04 – Ski Areas Are Struggling To Find Employees For The Upcoming Season
14:07 – Exclusive-PwC tells U.S. employees they need never return to the office
18:42 – Work-life balance improves audits, but not job satisfaction
21:57 – In-person Zoom is the new norm for many workers returning to the office
23:50 – The real stakes of Apple’s battle over remote work
24:57 – Remote work is making productivity and innovation harder, says Microsoft study
25:53 – Accounting Today calls for nominations for 2021 Top 100 People
27:30 – Intuit Investor Day 2021
27:52 – Our strategy is to be an “AI-driven expert platform”
28:46 – QuickBooks Online Advanced adding Excel integration
33:47 – Listener mail – QuickBooks v. Quicken? Thanks, Stephen Smith! 
39:20 – Avalara Acquires Track1099 to Help Businesses Manage IRS Form Filing Requirements
42:49 – Xero System Status – Current and Past Incidents
45:50 – What’s new in QuickBooks Online: September 2021
51:01 – A Message from Sage CEO Steve Hare to Sage colleagues
52:05 – (LSPD) Alert: Did You Lose Money on Your Lightspeed Commerce Investment? Contact Johnson Fistel Regarding Investigation
52:24 – Lightspeed (TSX:LSPD) Stock: Is an Accounting Scandal Brewing?

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Excel And QuickBooks Hook Up
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