It's Not Too Hard To Get The CPA, It's Too Much Time And Money

We've got more discussion on the CPA this week, including whether or not it's too hard to get a CPA, along with other news, such as how AOC's dress should have said, "Tax The Met Gala," how departments in a company are becoming apps, and the IRS Tax Pro Account sees low adoption. Also, we'll talk about the revolving door of Big 4 and government, how California law requires disclosure of Amazon performance metrics, and KPMG urges boards to focus on climate risks. A New York law firm files class action lawsuit over QuickBooks Payments fees, Intuit launches a venture arm, China bans crypto, and the top virtual conference software for CPA firms. All the accounting news that's fit to use, right here!

Show Notes

0:24 –Accountancy Problems – Studying Accounting at 3:00 a.m.
2:24 – AOC's 'Tax the Rich' dress could've used a different slogan
4:00 – As More Workers Go Solo, the Software Stack Is the New Firm
7:56Have you used the IRS Tax Pro Account Feature? Details from the AICPA’s Weekly Weigh-In survey question. 
10:14 – How Accounting Giants Craft Favorable Tax Rules from Inside Government
14:00 – How Top Accounting Firms Help Their Clients Sidestep Taxes
15:10 – News Analysis: Getting Over Government's Revolving Door
16:12 – House tax bill would likely force Peter Thiel to pull $5 billion from his IRA
17:07 – California Governor Signs Bill Targeting Amazon Warehouse Quotas
21:30 – KPMG urges boards to focus on climate risks
22:40 – Heroic Accounting
25:54 – Listener Mail on the 150-hour education requirement – Thanks, Mike! 
27:34 – Accountants reply: Is it too hard to become a CPA?
29:36 – Listener Mail on CPA – Thanks T.C. Whittaker! 
32:34 – NY Law Firm Slams Intuit Over QuickBooks Transaction Fees
34:57 – Intuit launches venture arm to invest in startups with innovation for small businesses, consumers
37:25 – Coinbase adds direct deposit into crypto accounts
37:48 – China's top regulators ban crypto trading and mining, sending bitcoin tumbling
39:01 – SEC’s Gensler Doesn’t See Cryptocurrencies Lasting Long
43:07Longest Article Title Ever? Gilded Launches Compass: The Most Advanced QuickBooks Integration for Crypto Institutional adoption of cryptocurrency has intensified the demand for sophisticated crypto accounting functionality. Gilded Compass streamlines financial reporting for cryptocurrency in QuickBooks Online.
44:03 – Meet Compass: The Most Advanced QuickBooks Integration for Crypto
44:45Does your business use Gilded? Let us know! 
45:22 – Expensify is Carbon Neutral in 2021
46:24 – SURVEY: Zoom Tops Microsoft Teams for Now
47:50 – REPAY, Veem Collaborate on B2B Payments
47:57 – American Express and Extend Partner to Enable Virtual Cards for U.S. Small and Mid-Sized Businesses
48:14 – Melio Offers Small Businesses an Enhanced, More Secure Payment Management Experience
48:52 – QuickBooks Desktop Will Be Subscription Only
50:05 – The Soul of Enterprise: Episode #358: Subscription Economy Update
52:43 – Patriot Partners With Client Hub to Streamline Payroll Workflow
54:02 – Stripe Launches Revenue Recognition Tool to Automate Financial Reporting
57:34 – Walmart does away with layaway, which didn't carry any fees, and announces buy now, pay later program that may charge customers interest
58:03 – The surge in ‘buy now pay later’ – and why we should be worried
59:00 – The Journal: Why 'Buy Now, Pay Later' Is Popping Up Everywhere

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It's Not Too Hard To Get The CPA, It's Too Much Time And Money
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