How Deloitte Created A Marvel Hero

We've got a metric ton of news packed into this week's episode, including the rumor that Intuit is buying Mailchimp for $10B, Xero Tax in the UK gets personal, and there's talk about a digital driver license is coming to an Apple device near you! In app news, Neat releases NeatBooks, FreshBooks updates, Square announces a subscription invoicing product, raises $$$, Canopy integrates with QBO, and BakerTilly is set to acquire AcctTwo. We'll take a look at how Deloitte turned Simu Liu into a superhero, as well, and so much more!

Show Notes

5:59 – Here’s why small-business kingpin Intuit is buying Mailchimp for $12B
6:11 – Intuit in talks to buy Mailchimp for more than $10B
13:35 – Xero Tax: Personal tax is now live
16:10 – Xero iOS app update – You can reconcile spend and receive transactions at the same time when doing find and match – WOOT! 
Xero Blog – Latest product news – September 2021
19:30 – Apple announces first states signed up to adopt driver’s licenses and state IDs in Apple Wallet
21:10 – Neat introduces NeatBooks and NeatInvoices
27:16 – New & Improved in FreshBooks: Team Cost Rates, Project Profitability, and More
28:03 – Square to launch a new paid subscription, Invoices Plus
30:00 –, an AI-powered accounting automation platform, raises $50M
35:08 – Watch Google’s Super-powered AI Turn Pixelated Photos into Hi-res
Google’s New AI Photo Upscaling Tech is Jaw-Dropping
37:25 – Canopy integrates with QuickBooks Online
38:40 – Baker Tilly to acquire accounting tech services company
40:48 – Another Exodus of NCR Employees and NCR Reportedly Kills Aloha Nextgen POS
42:24 – IRS adds address change capability to Child Tax Credit portal
43:11 – Plaid CTO: Banks, FinTechs Must Turn ‘Transaction Data Mosaic’ Into Cohesive Service Offering
46:20 – Even a Marvel Superhero Knows How Horrible Working at a Big 4 Firm Can Be
50:07 – The Accountant 2 Is a Done Deal, Ben Affleck & Jon Bernthal Will Both Return
52:00 – Feedback from you, our excellent listeners! Thank you! 

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 How Deloitte Created A Marvel Hero
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