Intuit's Aggressive Move To Combat Square Cash App

We're kind of all over the place today, but it's well worth a listen or three! We've got a TikTok sorority future CPA's take on managing the millions that her sorority took in, why an interior designer loves doing bookkeeping, how to work two jobs at once, and PwC is (again) delaying return to office. We're diving deep on EY's launching of 150 credit hour effort - but we think maybe we should just cancel 150 hours). We'll also talk new suits, and how Ed Mendlowitz picked a fight with everyone in his recent blog post. We'll ponder over why fintechs are to blame for PPP fraud, and why accountants should audit AI companies, and it strikes again - the "Accounting Firm Xero." In app news, Blue J raises a bunch of money to add artificial intelligence to tax research, and Credit Karma integrates Money with QuickBooks Online. All this, and much more. Take a break from that second or third remote job, and have a listen!

Show Notes

1:40 – We’ve hit the big time! We’re 2,034 out of all podcasts in the universe! 
2:05 – An Exclusive Guide to America's Top Private Companies
4:00 – TikToker Shares How She Spent Millions of Dollars for Alabama Sorority at 19
10:45 – Why this New York designer loves doing her own bookkeeping
14:36 – These People Who Work From Home Have a Secret: They Have Two Jobs
16:50 – The Remote Trend Of Working Two Jobs At The Same Time Without Both Companies Knowing
25:44 – PwC delays return to offices amid Delta spread
27:00 – EY launches Career Path Accelerator Program
33:15 – Better yet, why not get rid of the 150 hour requirement? Twitter thread: 

34:09 – Art of Accounting: Buying a new suit
37:40 – PPP Loan Fraud: Fintechs Found to Be Much More Likely to OK Suspicious Loans 
15% of Paycheck Protection Program Loans Could Be Fraudulent, Study Shows
42:48 – Afghanistan: What has the conflict cost the US and its allies? - BBC News
45:30 – Accountants must play key role in application of AI | Accountancy Daily
49:36 – QuickFee Integrates With Accounting Firm Xero
51:53 – Blue J Raises $9M in Series B Funding, Adds Key Personnel, Announces New Tax Diagramming Solution 
55:16 – Credit Karma integrates Money software with QuickBooks Online Payroll 
59:13 – We’ve got VOICEMAIL! Thank you, Ryan! 
62:00 – New Reviews! Thank you, Joe Gamatoria, and Colaangel! 

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