Square Buys Afterpay for $29B, Could Have Bought Xero for Less

This week, we've got all the news that's fit to use, including a few interesting acquisitions, such as Square's acquisition of Afterpay. We're wondering why they didn't buy Xero instead. Also, Rootworks buys CPA Practice Advisor, and Dext snags Greenback to to make importing transactions even smoother. In app news, we're talking Windows 365, where you can now subscribe to Windows-in-a-browser-tab, and we'll look at Earth Class Mail's new Android app, some Xero updates to their App Marketplace, and app. It's a slow funding week, but Zeni raised $34 million. If all that info hasn't boggled your brain, we've got survey results on what's really killing productivity, and also how much stuff (like your company's data and passwords) do people hang on to when they move from job to job? Check it out!

Show Notes

3:00 – Risk Assessment and COVID 
10:30 – Square to Buy Installment Lender Afterpay for $29B
19:21 – Rootworks Acquires CPA Practice Advisor
19:36 – Right Networks Acquires Rootworks
20:57 – Windows 365 costs how much!?
More Microsoft News: 
Microsoft's new collaboration tool wants to replace Google Workspace for good
4 Must-Know Features of Project Moca (a.k.a. Outlook Spaces)
28:17 – Greenback is becoming Dext Commerce
Dext debuts rebranded e-commerce solution
31:43 – Earth Class Mail: Mailbox Scan
33:37 – Introducing the new Xero App Store
37:14  – Latest product news – August 2021
38:20 – Zeni receives $34M in funding for AI bookkeeping
48:30 –Meetings aren't killing productivity; data entry is
52:13 – 1 in 4 Former Employees Still Has Access to Files at Old Job
57:20 – Final Report - Advisory Committee on Open Banking

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