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Feeling dazed, and confused? We've got a lot of news this week to level you out! We're talking about our recent trip to AICPA Engage, the accounting knowledge super-spreader event of the year, and more accounting conference announcements. Then, we'll dive into all things SBA, and PPP. If that wasn't enough, we've got news on the IRA front, including updates on how IRAs are maybe being abused or misused, and how you can avoid paying taxes on crypto mining from inside of an IRA. We've got survey-related proof that texting with clients is a winning strategy, and we'll also talk about all the stuff that just doesn't f***ing matter to entrepreneurs (and how it can help you market better). If your mellow is still harshed, we've got news on Matthew McConaughey's investment in employee management & payroll app Homebase, and app news, including Xero's 11 hour outage, a new way to use apps in Zoom, FreshBooks updates, and Odoo's $215M raise. Clearly, you'll need snacks!

Show Notes

2:00 – A rundown of our visit to AICPA Engage in Vegas, plus news on some other upcoming events. You can find out more about the latest, greatest accounting conferences here:
12:00 – SBA Announces Opening of Paycheck Protection Program Direct Forgiveness Portal
12:17 – Small Business Administration to Revamp PPP Forgiveness in Bid to End Historic Program
13:49 – Nearly 500 taxpayers had over $150M in their IRAs
16:53 – New IRA product allows for tax-free Bitcoin mining
21:02 – Fed's Brainard: Can't wrap head around not having U.S. central bank digital currency
23:10 – Tether Executives Said to Face Criminal Probe into Bank Fraud
24:40 – 74% of Consumers Prefer Texting with Businesses if a Real Person is Texting Back
27:16 – Small businesses face bookkeeping challenges, overdue invoices during pandemic
32:17 – It doesn’t fucking matter
40:11 – Homebase raises $71M for a team management platform aimed at SMBs and their hourly workers – TechCrunch
43:40 – Xero says accounting software users were locked out by login glitch, not nefarious deeds
45:42 – New & Improved in FreshBooks: Advanced Client Search, KeyPay Payroll, and More
46:40 – Sage Q3 2021 Results
47:41 – Introducing Zoom Apps: Use the Apps You Love, Right in Zoom
48:47 – PandaDoc for Zoom
50:22 – Summit invests $215M into Odoo, an open-source business management software developer, at a $2.3B+ valuation
51:12 – We’ve Got Reviews! Thanks, Smackramen, and Brianqzo! 

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