Every App Wants A Slice Of The Payroll Pie

We're covering all the bases today, from how Congress wants to regulate tax preparers, and why the Taxpayer Advocate again bemoans IRS service levels. In app news, Gusto is opening up payroll to other apps via their API, and we've got Xero updates for July, moves by ServiceTitan, and LegalZoom, and Canopy's latest $$$ raise. We'll marvel at how two companies managed to dominate PPP lending, and we'll get into the Robinhood-FINRA settlement and what it means for the future of the investment app. In other news, accountants are more likely to return to the office, even though most employees say they have too many meetings. We'll also talk about Colorado's new law that's causing trouble for workers seeking remote positions in that state. Grab a piece of real pie, and listen in!

Show Notes

2:49 – Blake and David talk high-tech dining
10:00 – A listener voicemail about the CPA get/not get issue! Thanks, Byron! 
16:54 – Proposed bill to regulate tax preparers has AICPA support - Journal of Accountancy
19:41 – Taxpayer Advocate prods IRS to improve service, reduce backlog
21:43 ­– Why call the IRS when you call us and tell us your CPA and IRS troubles? We guarantee you’ll have a better chance of us hearing you than if you called the IRS! (202) 695-1040
22:18 – Gusto is now offering pieces of its service to other companies via API – TechCrunch
22:55 – Gusto Embedded Payroll
26:13 – Intuit to Share Payroll Data from 1.4M Small Businesses With Equifax
31:20 – Latest product news – July 2021
33:05 – ServiceTitan acquires Aspire to move into landscaping, raises $200M at a $9.5B valuation – TechCrunch
36:48 – Slice Is Giving 50 Winners $500 & Free Pizza for a Year
37:35 – LegalZoom shares jump 35% in market debut; CEO sees further opportunity in online legal services
38:22 – Canopy scores $11M in funding for tax practice management software
42:07 – How Two Start-ups Made a Fortune in Fees on P.P.P. Loans - The New York Times
45:07 – Robinhood to Pay $70M to Settle FINRA Probe
46:48 – Squarespace Survey Reveals Gen Z Find Digital Life More Important And Memorable Than In-Person Life
48:34 – Accountants more likely to return to offices than others: Study
49:30 – Do Chance Meetings at the Office Boost Innovation? There’s No Evidence of It.
51:03 – 56% of Employees Believe Too Many Meetings Affecting Job Performance
55:14 – Melio Selects Colorado to Power its Explosive U.S. Growth | Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade
55:32 – Many Companies Want Remote Workers—Except From Colorado

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