Buys Divvy For $2.5 Billion

PPP is out of money and the IRS is out of ink for the printers. Meanwhile, Biden's plan to fund the IRS would also give the agency authority to regulate tax preparers. We review Accounting Today's list of top firms for technology, and pontificate on which tasks knowledge workers dread the most. In app news, is buying Divvy for $2.5 billion, and Veryfi raises $12 million. Meanwhile, Chime can no longer call itself a bank, and FloQast has created a coloring book and a 12-minute guided meditation to relieve the stress our friends are caught up in during busy season. Ommmm.

Show Notes

5:22 – SBA stops accepting new PPP applications from most lenders as general funds run out
Paycheck Protection Program Closes to Most Applicants - The New York Times
6:11 – SBA unveils initial Restaurant Revitalization Fund results
8:09 – IRS employees say ‘out of ink’ printers are delaying tax returns

9:48 – Biden plan would give IRS authority to regulate tax preparers
13:03 – The Best Firms for Technology for 2021
19:25 – Knowledge workers' most dreaded tasks
23:34 – Adds Divvy to Back-Office Solutions
24:17 – to Acquire Divvy, a Leader in Spend Management for SMBs
25:39 – David elaborates on the core value of 
29:13 – Divvy Joining forces with 
37:48 – Metric of the Month: T&E Expense Reimbursements - CFO
42:53 – Accountant view: Move from Intuit Online Payroll to QuickBooks Online Payroll 
46:52 – Veryfi Raises $12 Million To Use AI to Tackle The Unstructured Data Entry Market

50:17 – Chime Stops Using Word 'Bank' After Pushback
53:12 – FloQast releases accounting coloring book ahead of Tax Day

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Full Transcript Available Upon Request - Buys Divvy For $2.5 Billion
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