IRS Is Getting $80 Billion To Audit The Rich

Today, we're scaling back the tax talk, talking only about how Biden wants $80 billion for the IRS, and how non-GAAP is back, baby! Then, we move on to copious amounts of app news. We'll hit on the brief but heart-stopping QuickBooks Online Payroll outage, how Expensify is filing for an IPO, acquisitions, and raises, including the Stripe acquisition of TaxJar, and Brex's $425 million raise. We've got updates from Xero, and Square, and more!
Show Notes

4:24 – Biden to propose tax hikes, $80B for audits of rich
7:36 – U.S. companies went right back to heavy use of nonstandard accounting metrics during the pandemic
11:30 – Under Armour Paying $9 Million to Resolve SEC Accounting Probe
13:21 – QuickBooks Payroll sufferers outage on Friday morning … many employees never got their direct deposit
16:25 – Financial impact of COVID-19 revealed in QuickBooks analysis of 1 million small businesses
22:18 – Expensify Announces Confidential Submission of Draft Registration Statement for Proposed Initial Public Offering
23:11 – Stripe buys TaxJar
More about TaxJar
TaxJar will be joining Stripe to help build the world’s tax compliance infrastructure
24:34 – Brex raises $425M at a $7.4B valuation, as the corporate spend war rages on
Brex massive raise …
24:49 – Brex Unveils All-In-One Financial Solution For Businesses
25:18 – Brex Premium, our Series D, and the future of Brex as all-in-one finance
29:35 – OnDeck Markets First ABS Since Purchase by Subprime Lender Enova
31:14 – Latest product news – May 2021
34:06 – ACH payments on Invoices via Square
36:20 – The robots are coming UiPath is Europe’s most successful tech export since Spotify
37:20 – How UiPath Turned Into A $37 Billion Powerhouse
37:40 – Heirlume raises 1.38 million
40:39 – New & Improved in FreshBooks: Income Importer, Dashboard Widgets, and More

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IRS Is Getting $80 Billion To Audit The Rich
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