Why Business Owners Hire Bookkeepers

Apparently April showers bring lots of accounting news! We've got the latest on the SBA's SVOG portal reopening, and legislation introduced to fix PPP loan inequity. We'll hit on more IRS news, including (quelle surprise) how the IRS is way behind on processing tax returns, why Biden's agenda relies on the IRS, one big 1099 change for gig workers, and why Florida finally started collecting sales tax from out-of-state sellers. In more random news, we're exploring Netflix's foray into training production accountants, the state of the workday, what the House passing a bill to create safe harbor for cannabis banking means, and your brain on Zoom. We'll also discuss the various reasons business owners want to hire bookkeepers (and how knowing that will help your marketing). If that weren't enough, we've got a plethora of app news for you to chew on, including integrations, investments, feature rollouts, and much, much more!

Show Notes

2:22 – SBA to reopen Shuttered Venue Operators Grant portal Saturday
Shuttered Venue Operators Grant portal begins accepting applications - Journal of Accountancy
5:23 – Lawmakers push PPP revamp as funding lapse looms
7:06 – IRS is holding over 29 million tax returns, delaying refunds for many poorer Americans
10:33 – Biden’s Big Agenda Relies on a Shrunken, Strained Agency: The IRS
13:20 – IRS sees delays in tax refunds and quarterly payments
15:18 – Federal Stimulus Bill Has Huge Tax Change For Gig Workers
17:35 – Controversy Erupts as Florida Follows Forty-Three States in Adopting Uncontroversial Tax Provision
19:22 – We’ve got reviews!  Thank you, De (via Podchaser), JGBC, and Jedda88 (via Apple Podcasts)! 
21:34 – Netflix funds accounting program through CNM, NM Film Office » Albuquerque Journal
25:27 – House OKs Bill to Make Weed Banking Legal
28:30 – Why we ditched our accounting software for a bookkeeper
34:38 – Lumanu Talks Influencers' AR Challenges
36:23 – This is your brain on Zoom – TechCrunch
38:21 – New Data Shows How American Workday is Getting Longer
43:13 – Our Workplace of the Future Strategy – Intuit®: Official Blog
46:45 – Bill.com Announces Integrations with Microsoft Dynamics 365
47:22 – Paymogy Invests In Invoice Stream For P2P Services
48:20 – Pleo Debuts ‘Bills’ To Digitize SMB Invoicing
51:17 – Xero and Bookkeeper360 collaborate to help US small businesses navigate financial complexities
54:30 – Square Announces New Inventory Management Features for Retailers
56:37 – Deel Raises $156M For Remote Payroll Solution
58:05 – Affirm To Buy Returnly For About $300 Million

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