CPA Leaders Most Optimistic Since Pandemic

Today, we're talking about how economic confidence is recovering to near pre-pandemic levels for finance leaders. We've got exciting news about accounting conferences, including Scaling New Heights, and AICPA ENGAGE being rescheduled. We'll dig into Deloitte's role in the California unemployment debacle, the huge increase in demand for payroll services, and explore the advantage accountants have over architects. In app news, Lightspeed acquires Vend, $$ raises by Karbon, Autobooks, and Zeni (another software company that wants to automate your bookkeeping work), and a brief exploration of QBO's latest feature add. We'll round out the discussion with an examination of a new accountant-targeted app, Bookgel, which focuses on client acquisition.


Show Notes

3:58 - Economic confidence recovers to near pre-pandemic levels for finance leaders
6:56 - BREAKING NEWS: Scaling New Heights® Rescheduled to October - insightfulaccountant.com
9:57 - Cost Of Deloitte’s EDD Phone Center Balloons to $55M, As Millions Of Calls Go Unanswered -
16:02 - Accountants experience 60% increase in payroll services, says QuickBooks | News
17:02 - Metric of the Month: Avoiding Payroll Bottlenecks
17:34 - What should I take? Architecture or accounting? | Forum | Archinect
23:00 - Alaska, Maine, and Oklahoma weigh CPA firm mobility bills
24:08 - Lightspeed to acquire Vend to power global retail expansion | Lightspeed POS
27:11 - Winners in New Zealand

Lightspeed to acquire Vend for $350M to expand its global retail base
29:00 - Karbon raises $10M
30:00 - Accounting Services Platform Autobooks Raises $25 Million In Series B

32:00 - Zeni Raises $13.5M To Put A Real-Time Digital Bookkeeper Inside Every Startup – Crunchbase News
33:20 - Deloitte Partners With Nvidia For AI Solutions
34:40 - AI bookkeeping startup Zeni launches with $13.5M in funding
37:53 - Intuit adds e-signature capabilities to QBO Advanced
44:00 - Accountant-created Bookgel releases new client acquisition app
54:35 – We got a review!  Thank you, Zankonator! 

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CPA Leaders Most Optimistic Since Pandemic
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