Deloitte Canada Gives Up On CAS

Rachel Fisch returns to the show to discuss Deloitte Canada's sale of its small business accounting services practice to MNP, Canadian quarantine rules, and much more. We're also reviewing EY's Super Bowl ad, learning about unemployment fraud, and a new e-file identity theft scam tax preparers need to know about, as well as PPP bottlenecks at the SBA. We'll get some app news about Rippling, and PayZen, and updates on Luckin Coffee, Wirecard, and much more!

Show Notes

1:00 - Welcome back, Rachel Fisch! 
2:40 - MNP to acquire subset of Deloitte business to expand footprint in select locations across Canada
9:31 – Episode 49 Discussion about KPMG back in December of 2018
14:49 -  EY U.S. Chair Kelly Grier Is Super Excited About EY’s Super Bowl Ad, You Guys
15:15 – Take a listen to EY’s Super Bowl Ad
16:00 -  Same year that EY elected to forgo performance based raises, it’s getting a super bowl commercial.
21:46 – More about Elon Musk’s Starlink 
23:09 - Tax forms help reveal extent of unemployment fraud in US
27:11 - SBA works to fix PPP loan bottlenecks
28:31 - Loan System Bugs Holding Up PPP Loans: AICPA
30:13 - IRS warns of e-file identity theft scam
32:40 - TSheets is Becoming QuickBooks Time 
34:02 - and Microsoft partner on PPP loan forgiveness platform
35:19 - Former WageWorks CFO, CEO Settle Accounting Case
38:20 - Zapier announces 3,000+ apps and brings automation inside partner products
39:34 - The 7 best online whiteboards in 2021
45:17 - Another Remote-Work Year Looms as Office-Reopening Plans Are Delayed
49:27 - Salesforce says work from home is here to stay
52:59 - Luckin Coffee files for bankruptcy after accounting scandal
53:36 - German Markets Watchdog Chief Fired Over Wirecard Scandal
54:17 – Stay tuned for more info on Rachel’s Accounting and Finance Tech Club events on Clubhouse (app)! 

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