Terrible TikTok Tax Advice

Join us as we talk about all the terrible financial advice on social media, and why we should do something about it! Also, let's do something about diversity in accounting, which is, frankly, terrible. In app news, lots from Intuit and QuickBooks this week. Plus, Bill.com stock pops on fantastic quarterly earnings, Xero gives Blake a treat for Valentine's Day, whistleblowing grows with remote work as employees become less engaged, and Deloitte is not looking good when it comes to the CDC's vaccine appointment system.


Show Notes

1:30 - Terrible financial advice is going viral on TikTok
1:44 - TikTok Compilation Life Hack A Piece Of Information You Learned That feels Illegal to Know MashUps
3:40 - Start a church: https://youtu.be/An3zt1xE6bA?t=71
9:44 - Closing the Diversity Gap - Strategic Finance
11:28 - Diverse talent leaving accounting jobs due to 'lack of inclusion'
13:00 - Accounting profession marks centennial of first Black CPA with new diversity campaign
13:20 - Here's Another Reminder That Accounting Firms Used to Be Pretty Racist Back In the Day
14:00 - BlackCPAcentennial 
15:47 - What Auditors Know about Amazon Product Ratings
The Paper: Audit Leadership Diversity and Audit Quality
21:16 - TSheets is Becoming QuickBooks Time 
Introducing QuickBooks Time: It’s TSheets … with a new name
23:54 - Intuit - Changes to QuickBooks Online Payments Bank Transfer (ACH) Deposit Speed & Pricing
26:06 - Small Business Bank Account & Debit Card - QuickBooks Cash https://quickbooks.intuit.com/payments/business-bank-account/
27:37 - CAP Listener, Todd Plager, weighs in on QuickBooks Cash
30:00 - Intuit Acquires OneSaas 
32:21 - Okta: Best-of-Breed Apps Are Still Winning 
34:24 - Xero: Latest product news – February 2021
38:02 - Here's Why This Fintech Stock Is Skyrocketing on Friday
42:06 - Cloud AP/AR company Lockstep closes $10M in Series A funding
42:41 - Whistleblowing soars to record with Americans working from home
43:45 - Microsoft CEO Nadella Bets Businesses Are Ready to Spend Big on Employee Software
Microsoft Viva
45:46 - Deloitte in hot water in China after an employee makes a PPT exposing alleged accounting violations 
Deloitte Whistleblower Alleges Auditing Violations in China
49:20 - CDC paid Deloitte $44 million for faulty vaccine appointment system https://www.businessinsider.com/cdc-deloitte-flawed-coronavirus-vaccine-appointment-system-2021-2
53:21 - We've got VOICEMAIL! Thank you, Sean Birdsell! 
55:18 - Taxpayers need clarity on coordination of ERC and PPP loans

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