Sage Outage Leads To Threats Of Violence

This episode is packed with news, and opinions, and more GameStop factoids than you can possibly use! We'll learn why Blake sympathizes with r/wallstreetbets, then move on to updates, and listener views on the multi-week Sage South Africa outage leads to massive discontent. In App News, Melio and Pilot raise big rounds, CheckHQ could be disrupting an industry with "payroll as an API," and we've got some QuickBooks Online updates. We'll talk tax with news on TaxAct, and how TaxJar successfully lobbies to change sales tax regulation on behalf of clients. We've got info on the latest IRS activity, and discussion about unemployment fraud, how it dwarfs PPP fraud, and how bad it's getting in California. All this and so much more, right here, right now!


Show Notes

01:31 - Can’t Stop GameStop
03:38 - This is how Wall Street thinks the Reddit-fueled GameStop trade unravels
05:27 - Robinhood Raises $1B Amid GameStop Firestorm
07:01 - For GameStop day traders, the moment they've dreamed about
09:47 - The CAP-GameStop Connection? 
13:18 - Sage customers are losing their minds – and could face SARS trouble – after outages
14:17 -  A South African CAP Listener  weighs in on the Sage Debacle. Thank you! 
17:55 - We've got eMAIL - on PPP guilt, and Quicken! Thank you, Anonymous Listener!
20:44 - Melio raises $110M on a $1.3B valuation to bring B2B payments for SMBs into the 21st century
21:01 - Melio hits $1.3bn valuation
22:27 - Expensify adds Enhanced Invoicing And Bill Pay to its Preaccounting Platform
Expensify Rounds Out Its Preaccounting Platform With Enhanced Invoicing And Bill Pay
27:05 - FLEETCOR Acquires Cloud Software Platform Provider of B2B Online Bill Payment
Additional Reading on Roger: 
Roger Blog | Roger acquired by FLEETCOR, a leading global business payments company
27:51 - Pilot Raises $60M To Help SMBs Modernize Finances
28:16 - Pilot Closes $60M Series C from Sequoia: What Comes Next
32:24 - Check Launches With $35M To Streamline Payroll
33:27 - Plaid Unveils Deposit Switch
34:47 - DailyPay Launches CYCLE To Disburse Payments
38:55 PPP loan application within QuickBooks Capital now available
39:43 - What’s new in QuickBooks Online: January 2021
41:51 - TaxJar goes to bat for customers in Tennessee
43:56 - TaxAct and TaxDome pair to create end-to-end tax management
44:53 - Tax filing season to start Feb. 12, IRS announces
45:08 - IRS chief: Agency is 'current' on mail as start of filing season approaches
45:45 - Tax Season Is Coming, and It Could Be Messy
48:38 - EDD: 27% of California unemployment payments could be fraudulent, state says
50:38 - Forms 2848 and 8821 are now online
51:56 - IRS creates new Chief Taxpayer Experience Officer position; Ken Corbin to lead new focus to improve service to taxpayers | Internal Revenue Service
53:18 - Another CAP listener voicemail! Thank you, Geraldine Carter! 
56:56 - Hear Blake's interview with Geraldine on the Smart Strategies for CPAs podcast

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