Proof That Accountants Are More Productive Working From Home

Welcome to our 100-percent PPP-free episode! We've got lots of other news to cover though, including a new survey proves that remote work is more productive for accounting firms, which makes it all the more astounding that it took a global pandemic to make working from home the norm in this profession. Also, Sage Business Cloud suffered a multi-day outage in South Africa, Biden's financial watchdogs set new targets, Syndio raises millions for its pay equity app, and Rewind (coincidentally our sponsor for this episode) raises a Series A. We'll also cover some of the best laptops for 2021, SMS apps you should consider for your firm, and talk about a survey showing Zoom fatigue is real, why nearly a third of professionals would rather quit than go back to the office, and more stories about remote work than you can shake a martini at!


Show Notes

01:10 - Sage cloud accounting offline for entire week as SMMEs wait to file returns
02:02 - Sage South Africa on Twitter: "📢We’re really sorry that our customers are still experiencing problems with Sage Business Cloud Accounting. We understand this is causing serious disruption to our customers’ business and we are working round the clock, with our partners, to restore the service." 
04:11 - WE'VE GOT VOICEMAIL! Thank you, Mary Going! 

06:29 - WFH In 2021? Get Ready For Those Remote Salary Adjustments
10:57 - Biden’s Wall Street watchdogs signal new era of tough oversight
12:02 - Pay Equity Startup Raises $17.1 Million in Round Led by Bessemer
14:47 - LendingClub Gets OK to Acquire Radius Bancorp
15:46 - Rewind Closes $15 Million Series A to Meet Mounting Market Demand for Cloud Data Protection 
17:25 - TripActions Raises $155 Million To Boost Travel 
19:39 - The best laptop 2021: 15 best laptops money can buy in 2021
22:42 - The 5 best SMS apps for small businesses in 2021
24:23 - Navigate from Hubdoc to Xero and streamline your work
26:48 - 'Zoom fatigue' has hit 4 in 10 employees -- your best course of action
29:24 - Need to Take a Dump but Stuck in a Zoom Call? There’s an App for That
31:22 - Nearly a Third of Workers Say They’d Quit Before Returning to the Office When All This is Over
31:46 - OfficeSpace Survey: 71 Percent of Employed Americans Eager to Return to the Office 
36:34 - Remote Work Is More Productive
39:46 - Welcome to the Fake Office Commute (Turns Out People Miss the Routine)
41:24 - WFH In 2021? Get Ready For Those Remote Salary Adjustments
43:00 - No Meetings, No Deadlines, No Full-Time Employees

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