LegalZoom Launching Bookkeeping and Tax Services

CAP NEWS EXCLUSIVE: LegalZoom has purchased an accounting firm and is growing it with bookkeeping, tax, and onboarding hires in Austin, Texas. With recent executive hires from Intuit, it seems clear that LegalZoom is intent on building a tax and accounting services business that could very well compete with your firm. David and Blake have the details. Also in this episode: How Bob Dylan’s catalog sale highlights a tax advantage for songwriters, how US customers’ attitudes to fintech are shifting during the pandemic, why Slack is the right tool for the wrong way to work, how the huge federal government hack could impact the IRS, and more!


Show Notes

3:56 - The Top 10 PPP changes in the pending Bipartisan Emergency COVID Relief Act of 2020
5:08 - LegalZoom Finance and Accounting Careers
6:45 - LegalZoom Names Daniel Wernikoff Chief Executive Officer
6:50 - LegalZoom Grows Leadership Team with Appointment of New Chief Product Officer and Chief People Officer 
7:07 - LegalZoom Names Shrisha Radhakrishna as Chief Technology Officer 
7:11 - LegalZoom Names John Buchanan as Chief Marketing Officer and Kathy Tsitovich as Chief Partnership Officer 
8:26 - Purely Solutions: Overview | LinkedIn
15:10 - Senators ask IRS whether taxpayer data hit in SolarWinds hack
16:49 - IRS extends acceptance of digital signatures and emailed documents
18:36 - Bob Dylan’s Catalog Sale Highlights a Tax Advantage for Songwriters
22:24 - Ransomware Attack Hits Major Service Provider For Accounting And Healthcare Organizations
25:49 - China’s Luckin Coffee will pay $180 million to settle accounting fraud charges
27:27 - EY Team Found ‘Red-Flag Indicators’ at Wirecard
28:32 - Microsoft engineer gets nine years for stealing $10M from Microsoft
32:31 - Slack Is the Right Tool for the Wrong Way to Work
36:55 - WSJ News Exclusive | Massachusetts Regulators to File Complaint Against Robinhood
40:20 - How US customers’ attitudes to fintech are shifting during the pandemic
41:36 - GoCardless Notches $95 Million Led By Bain
42:22 - Patriot Software Offers Seamless Integration With TSheets by QuickBooks 
43:15 - Ramp raises $30M as the battle to own corporate spend heats up
46:44 - The 5 best note-taking apps of 2021
46:46 - The 8 best free email marketing apps in 2021
46:52 - The best free CRM software for 2021
49:49 - Sage Launches Partner Cloud Program to Accelerate Cloud Migration
52:04 - A review! Thank you, JPLisdorf! 

54:28 - Don't forget to check out the bonus episode Justin Elanjian of Aprio!

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