Happy Birthday Excel πŸŽ‚

Birthdays abound! Both David and Microsoft Excel celebrated special days this week! We'll take a brief look at Excel's long run and talk about their future. We spot some almost silver linings in the COVID clouds, including why your website is crucial to gaining new business in this "new normal" landscape, and how EisnerAmper is leading the "return to work" charge with its own homegrown social-distancing app. In other news, Intuit removed itself from all Scaling New Heights in-person and virtual events for the time being, while Sage intacct has been busy releasing what looks to be a pretty useful feature - an AI-powered timesheets app built into Sage Intacct Cloud. We'll review the list of top accounting apps, as seen in Accounting Today, and dig into some Stranger news Things, revolving around the Apple credit card, and then enjoy the latest in entertaining stupid human tricks, and learn what the Mother of Dragons, White Walkers and the Night's Watch have in common with the PPP. Grab some cake and ice cream and enjoy the party!


Show Notes

04:17 – Happy Birthday, Microsoft Excel!

06:06 – Love them or hate them, spreadsheets are going 3D
07:50 – Updates on Scaling New Heights and announcing a new, ongoing strategic alliance with Woodard Institute https://www.firmofthefuture.com/content/updates-on-scaling-new-heights-and-announcing-a-new-ongoing-strategic-alliance-with-woodard-institute/
11:13 – EisnerAmper releases return-to-office, social distancing app
14:25 – Sage Launches AI-Powered Timesheets App Built Directly into the Sage Intacct Cloud
20:35 – Expert’s choice: Top accounting apps
26:48 – Apps Will Get You Paid Early, for a Price
33:28 – IRS releases final rules on business meals and entertainment
35:49 – IRS adds marijuana industry page to website
37:14 – Apple’s credit card won’t make you question the existence of a 10-person Texas tax firm anymore
39:18 – COVID-19 has just turned your website into a rainmaker
42:09 – Accountants are now 'key workers', say UK firms
45:20 – Despite Billions in Fees, Banks Predict Meager Profits on PPP Loans
48:12 – Man tries to steal millions in PPP loans named after 'Game of Thrones'
49:51 – Reviews and Voicemail! 
52:20 – Brave – A Chromium browser 
53:56 – See Blake and David at the Accounting & Finance Show!

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