Cloud M&A, get paid to move to Vermont to work remotely, & app updates galore

David shares some exciting news that the firm that bought Blake's cloud bookkeeping startup (HPC) is itself getting acquired — by a Top 100 CPA firm (Aprio). HPC is a 100% online accounting firm.  Speaking of remote work, Blake shares news that Vermont is offering to reimburse up to $10,000 over two years to new residents who relocate to the state to work remotely for out of state employers. And finally, Blake & David discuss the flurry of new app updates and features that were released the past few weeks.

Stories in this episode:
  • Aprio to acquire HPCAccounting Today — Aprio LLP, a Top 100 Firm, has signed an agreement to acquire HPC, a cloud-based accounting firm that services its clients online.
  • Top 10 Accounting Firm IT Survey SurprisesCPA Practice Advisor — An IT survey reports that more than half of midsize and large accounting firms (51%) have outsourced their entire IT infrastructure to the cloud. This is a noticeable increase from 2016, when only 23% had made the jump.
  • Vermont will pay people $10,000 to move there and work remotelyCNN Money — There’s a new law in Vermont that will pay new residents who work remotely for out-of-state companies up to $10,000.
  • Gusto Launches Modern Directory of AccountantsCPA Practice Advisor — Gusto, the payroll, benefits and HR technology company, has launched a new partner directory of accounting firms that provide such services.
  • Spotlight Reporting announces new wealth management partnershipSpotlight Reporting Blog — Spotlight Reporting has announced that wealth data software solution, myprosperity, is their newest integration and strategic partner. The partnership will “allow accountants and advisors to report on and advise on both business data and personal or family wealth in the powerful Spotlight Reporting tool-set.”
  • QBO Payroll Done Right: Contractor Direct DepositQuickBooks Blog — In addition to helping businesses with employees run payroll more efficiently, QuickBooks payroll now supports businesses that want to pay independent contractors.
  • New Feature: Proposal RemindersPractice Ignition — With proposal reminders you now have the option to set a practice wide cadence for following up and re-sending proposals - automatically! Once you’ve set your cadence, Practice Ignition will take care of the rest.
  • Slack and ADP: Looking up pay stubs and booking time off just got a lot easierSlack Blog — Now with the new ADP Virtual Assistant app, you can get that information sent to you where you’re already working — in Slack. There’s no need to switch tabs, switch tools, or switch contexts, everything you need can be conjured up by typing “help” or using simple slash commands.
  • Making payroll a breeze with Xero + PaychexXero Blog — Thanks to a new integration with Paychex General Ledger Service (GLS) you can quickly and easily connect to your Xero account, post payroll entries to your general ledger in just seconds and save time and reduce errors.
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