The Canadians! πŸŽ™ Live at QuickBooks Connect

Good day, eh? At QuickBooks Connect 2019, we got the chance to connect with our northern neighbors, Intuit's Scott Zandbergen, and Cheryl Monmohan, and CA Brad Celmainis, to get the latest news on QuickBooks in Canada.
Show Notes
  • 01:35 – Let's meet The Canadians!  (Well, three of them, anyway …) 
  • 03:41 – Canada's no longer last in the lunch line with the increasing focus on QuickBooks Online
  • 04:50 – Scott and Brad pontificate on  the new QBO statement-importing feature
  • 06:27 – How do Canadians approach cloud accounting, and all the innovation that comes along with it? 
  • 08:13 – Along with faster adoption of new tech, Canadian app development is on the rise, and people seem to share a common passion and excitement, without a lot of drama, on the socials. 
  • 10:42 – With the Canadian government’s investment in functional, high-speed internet, clients being eternally bound to their desktop programs is more the exception than the norm 
  • 12:00 – Brad talks benefits of going full cloud
  • 14:43 – Scott talks about some of the work Intuit’s Canadian branch is doing to solve for Canada-specific issues, such as tax and payroll
  • 16:30 – Winter is coming, or you'll be coming to Winter is you visit QuickBooks Connect Toronto. Grab a toque, or a touque, or a tuque?   
  • 18:24 – While Canadian accountants are excited about new industry developments, they also know a good thing when they use it, and tend to stay loyal to a narrow collection of accounting tools
  • 19:36 – Brad sees a sort of β€˜take it or leave it’ attitude when it comes to dealing with U.S. accounting software developers. Some listen; some don’t. 
  • 21:50 – Cheryl notes that conferences, such as QuickBooks Connect, and Scaling New Heights are a prime method for discussion, learning, and developing partnerships that will lead to future opportunities
Connect with Scott, Cheryl, and Brad
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The Canadians! πŸŽ™ Live at QuickBooks Connect
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