AutoEntry and the importance of document processing granularity

Brendan Woods, Founder and CEO at AutoEntry, joins the podcast to chat about his OCR and document processing solution for accountants and bookkeepers. AutoEntry is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, and the company's first major market was the UK. This year it is expanding to the United States with an office in Tucson, Arizona.

AutoEntry began life as OCREX, a tool for extracting transactions from paper bank statements. Not long after, the company expanded to extracting information from other types of documents, including receipts, purchase orders, and invoices.

One thing that makes AutoEntry different than other document processing solutions is that it can extract full line item detail from documents, making it very powerful for businesses that need to get granularity out of their bills. The pricing is also different than other solutions — AutoEntry charges per document, not per client or company.


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