A rundown of QuickBooks Online news from #QBConnect

We're recording at QuickBooks Connect 2019 in San Jose with David DiNardo, owner of ENVOLTA Inc (one of the fastest-growing cloud accounting firms in Canada), and Valerie Heckman of Intuit. Join us for an episode jam-packed with the latest QuickBooks Online product updates announced at #QBConnect, as well as lots more accounting and bookkeeping technology news!

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Show Notes
  • 00:45 – Meet Valerie! 
  • 01:44 – Meet David! 
  • 02:09 – Live fast, cloud-account hard! David’s firm, ENVOLTA, has hit Hubdoc’s Top 50 North American Cloud Accountants and The Ottawa Business Journal’s Fastest-Growing Companies list multiple times! | Ottawa Business Journal
  • 03:00 – Breaking news! The world does not stop when we attend accounting conferences! 
  • 03:47 – News from QuickBooks Connect! | Accounting Today
  • 07:08 – Like a spell-checker, only for accounting processes - one new QB feature, Bookkeeping Review, helps you find, and correct errors, with customization options for each client
  • 08:52 – Bookkeeping Review gives users almost real-time accounting, and eliminates a lot of year-end close headaches, especially around tax
  • 10:26 – What makes QuickBooks's Business Performance Overview tool outperform similar tools from competitors? 
  • 12:39 – Benchmarking tools are splendid, but how do you know the data is solid? 
  • 15:35 – Using powerful review and benchmarking tools provides a solid foundation for effective advisory
  • 17:29 – How do we build, a bigger, better Cadillac of accounting tools? 
  • 18:34 – Will too many apps spoil the tech stack? | Financial Times
  • 21:44 – When FASB speaks, accounting apps, like LeaseQuery run with it! | Business Wire 
  • 23:14 – Bankifi is throwing down the Banking-as-a-Service gauntlet | Forbes
  • 27:11 – Is another tax software company getting ready to bite the dust? 
  • 28:37 – The MyPayrollHR dominoes keep falling – Cachet ceases accepting ACH deposits for payroll | Cachet Financial Services
  • 29:57 – Cachet’s decision leaves companies, like Vermont-based PayData, holding the bag | VTDigger 
  • 32:15 – CYA with insurance – the best way to protect yourself and your firm when you’re stuck in the tangled web of apps and services
  • 33:02 – David DiNardo's parting wisdom: accounting and bookkeeping firms should go social! Not only is it good for marketing, but it's an excellent way to network and stay on top of what's going on! 
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A rundown of QuickBooks Online news from #QBConnect
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