Getting to know Acuity LIVE from AcuityCon in Atlanta

When Kenji Kuramoto and Matthew May founded Acuity, an innovative, cloud-based financial services firm, could they have possibly imagined that they would someday be hosting The Cloud Accounting Podcast for a live recording session with 80 staff as our audience? It was our privilege to present/record a session called "The State of the Industry" at the first AcuityCon, a gathering of the Acuity team who nearly all work remotely. We chat with Kenji, Matthew, as well as several key team members: Lisa Gilreath, VP of Operations, Ann O'Dea, Controller Team Lead, Sammy Siddique, Cloud Accounting Team Lead, Graham Wood, CFO, and Kai Moon, Senior Customer Success Advocate.


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Show Notes
  • 01:17 – Acuity - firm of the future today - operating almost completely with a remote workforce! 
  • 03:54 – Is your job on the automation chopping block? Find out, here 
  • 04:30 – Even with the gloom-doom reports, the demand for accountants is still going up | University of Oxford – Oxford Martin School 
  • 06:14 – Kenji notes that the fear of automation is driving curiosity and adaptation in the face of such huge changes
  • 08:30 – Meet Sammy and Lisa!
  • 08:59 – Sammy defines bookkeeping as a combination of traditional bookkeeping services,  some more  listening, and more advisory
  • 09:37 – Lisa's definition of customer success is matching clients with the right tech, at the right time, so they can benefit from Acuity's full range of services
  • 11:29 – Bank feeds are a constant source of frustration for accountants and clients alike
  • 13:38 – Acuity's bookkeeping team uses a standard tech stack, including QBO and Xero, to ensure consistent service
  • 16:53 – Accounting FOR food trucks FROM a 'food' truck - a new career move for your hosts? 
  • 17:42 – We ain’t afraid ’a no oversized accounting-tech ecosystem chart! | Accountex
  • 18:29 – Lisa thinks that eventually, the mind-boggling array of accounting apps are going to consolidate into bigger, better tools. 
  • 19:01 – The Cloud Accounting Podcast - World-class recruiting tool! Listen, learn, and find excellent new hires! 
  • 20:17 – Meet Graham and Ann! 
  • 21:06 – Ann gives the rundown on Acuity's controller team functions
  • 23:02 – Graham explains how Acuity's CFO group makes life easier for clients
  • 23:52 – The bigger the data stack, the bigger the responsibility. 
  • 24:19 – When do you need CFO services? 
  • 27:01 – Graham shares some advice on getting into the advisory game
  • 30:04 – What is community-adjusted EBITDA? 
  • 30:34 – Non-GAAP metrics can be used to get a clearer picture of a company's performance
  • 31:06GAAP might not be fairly addressing human capital, but Acuity is by investing in its people
  • 32:08 – Is accounting still relevant? 
  • 32:51 – When it comes to providing stellar service, data is king, even if it's non-financial
  • 35:10 – The WeWork snafu is proof that the free market works
  • 37:02Adapt or die? | TechRadar
  • 37:59 – David says data is going to level the playing field and what really matters is people, culture, and company values 
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Getting to know Acuity LIVE from AcuityCon in Atlanta
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